The Liquid Ego and the Suffering caused by Ignorance

It’s a different kind of life being the Medium I am.  When the speaking you are doing is not coming from you it adds some interesting challenges to life.

I use something I call my Medium Mask that is what I also call The Liquid Ego. It allows me to channel and stay present in the moment able to interact as I channel.

A lot of what I write is done in the liquid ego state.

What is it you actually channel Max?

Most frequently I channel your perspectives.

I have the ability to channel a hive mind in concept. I set the size of the hive mind and let go. That hive mind is absent of true identity as it is a stream of consciousness that I act as a Conduit for.

The term Conduit for what I do is a new term. Most people are uncomfortable with the idea of me being a Medium do to lack of education.

OK, cool, here’s the education.

I spent most of the last 4 years of my life teaching myself how to create a balance in my life with what I am able to do at will and how I make a living while refining my liquid ego. This had to begin with a total destruction of my ego leaving me a slave to everything and everyone around me with no care for my own life outside minimal survival so I could still be of use to what was around me.

Most of what I channeled during this time was the higher selves of other people.

Several thousand.

That’s what a Soul Reading is one on one. Me channeling your higher self to give you the guidance you need right now for growth in the moment at a pace you can handle while opening the doors to higher levels of awareness throughout the process.

The lock on our DNA is a behavioral cipher lock. You can’t cheat it or short cut it. No one can simply do it for you.

I often find myself allowing the mask to do the talking in a random one on one conversation with someone who mastered the behavior in their honest representation of self to allow the keys on the lock to be turned. Their higher self pretends to be me and they test themselves through me. I sit in the back as an observer until the experience is over.

If they pass the test my soul links with theirs and turns the keys metaphorically speaking.

The work I do with people is to assist and guide them on that journey.

Think of it as a Soul Mechanic.

I can assist you only in repairing your soul by becoming your authentic self. You have to do the work to become. The guidance you get is always from your higher self through me.

There is no set time that it takes or number of sessions that can be applied to give any kind of time frame. It all depends on you and the work you do.

I am a genius on par with minds such as Elon Musk and others.

I am a Telepath able to consult on anything because I pull the ideas right of your subconscious mind.

I am a high level sensitivity Empath who designed a Reiki system that allows me to give you a full emotional clearing and balancing while activating and clearing and balancing your Chakras while talking to you by pointing my palms in your general direction or over the keyboard during chat and video sessions.

When the skills all work in unison it flows through me from anywhere it is needed however it is needed for you to get exactly what you need from the engagement.

Exactly what I channel is soul energy and consciousness, any consciousness and at times multiple.

In a group session I channel the hive mind of the group, numbers don’t matter. The group could be 3 or 300 or you get the point.

I have been hesitant to talk about this. Here’s why.

There are many that would offer me money to use my skills for their cause or agenda. If I don’t talk about it I don’t have to deal with the temptation of being a total whore.

I live my integrity and it’s why I am very selective about the people I choose to work with.

I understand how easy it would be to abuse what I am and take advantage of the ignorance of others. I would never be able to live with the nonstop suffering of guilt if I was that human being and I am grateful to myself for putting the work into me to not be that human being and be me instead.

Now ask yourself this.

Do you think you can tell which pieces are what skill being used?

You all think it’s me and technically it is me behind the keyboard, however not always doing the typing.

I am a Conduit and this how I choose to use it.




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