What does your riptide look like?

I like to step on cracks
I go against the odds

Look at your life for a minute.

When the odds are against you, what do you do?

While you think about it, here’s what I do and why.

I’ve always been one to like it when the odds are stacked against me. It started when I was a kid playing with the kids in my neighborhood. We played war and chased each other around with toy guns. It was usually the other kids against me until it had to be the other kids against me.

I like to look at going against the odds as the opportunity to bring forth my best in the situation.

To this day I accidentally sneak up on and scare people after learning to move quietly as a kid playing a game.

What is it in your life that you feel the odds are against you?

What is it going to take from within you to beat those odds?

These are questions we ask ourselves daily without thinking about it in these terms. We think about what need to do in order to do what we want while taking care of our needs at the same time.

Your needs and wants will be different than mine and that’s a good thing for all of us.

It inspires people to see others step out and be the underdog. You don’t do it to inspire them, that’s a side effect of finding within whatever it takes from you to reach that goal or bring that dream to life.

I leave when others stay
I never re-decide

Think about it from the aspect of what you feel is holding you back from bringing the dream to life.

At times it requires us to leave jobs, marriages and/or friendships behind.

Once you choose a goal, changing your mind is the fastest way to make sure you never reach it.

I often find the most confusing thing for me in life is narrowing down the options and finding the best course to make the dream a reality. Often we allow ourselves to be pulled in many directions as we figure out where that path is to take us on the journey we want to take.

Think about it for yourself for a while.

What do you need to leave behind to move forward?

I don’t mind if you wait
But I don’t waste my time

Patience is my biggest challenge on a daily basis. However there is a time to lose ones patience based on the circumstances one finds oneself in.

Often we find ourselves saying I’m waiting on this or that in order to do this or that. We give ourselves an out to sit back and wait for something majickal or miraculous to happen.

I tend to write a lot. Here’s why.

I’m always finding inspiration that “moves” me to write. It comes in many forms. Each of us is inspired to do something by something. Following that inspiration takes work. That work can have some aspects to it that at times feels as though it is in the way of us doing more of what we want.

That work is what you were inspired to do. Instead of wasting time arguing with yourself over it, just do it.

I wear a Nike hat to remind me of that.

I remember when it used to be easy
I remember when it wasn’t so hard

When I worked in the corporate world it was easy most days. However it didn’t start out that way. I had a learning curve.

It got easier because I had a defined set of parameters to work within. I do some of my best work in doing the work for other people. I find it’s easier for me to use the guidelines others need fulfilled than my own.

My problem is I am aware of what I am able to do and often try to go in every direction with it at once. I think a lot of us go through this. We see all the options and know our capabilities and don’t want to limit ourselves out of fear of missing out on something.

I won’t justify
The way I live my life
‘Cause I’m the one livin’ it
Feelin’ it, tastin’ it

I have no problem explaining it, however justification implies you’re doing something wrong.

Only you ever truly know what feels right to you and why.

When we allow other people to tell us it’s wrong to live the way we do, it can be for a myriad of reasons depending on the life we are leading. It’s not about us, more often than not it’s about them.

We often project our own issues on other people. When I see some one working at the life they desire, I ask what I can do to be of assistance.

Asking each other to justify the lives we lead is how we know we are not comfortable with our own life. If you are focused on your life and building your life you don’t have time to worry about what others are doing unless it directly affects you.

That’s not a license to ignore people. It takes other people to assist you in building our life. It takes being willing to ask for assistance.

With the type of work I do, it’s new to a lot of people. Mediums channeling the higher self.

I get it, when I realized it’s what I do, it was a little freaky to me too and I do it.

One thing I have been searching for is a business manager who understands what I do and can translate that to people who don’t understand it.

I have found me talking about it leaves people with mixed reactions. Here’s why.

We have a habit of wanting a second opinion or to hear about the experience someone else had. We have trust issues as a species. Me included.

We want a history or proven track record or we fear we are going to be taken advantage of.

We want something concrete we can see or touch for verification.

None of you has been on this side to see it from my side. A lot of you can’t even imagine what it would really be like to be a Medium. Sure we have some stories and movies and TV shows we use as reference instead of talking to the people who do it.

None of us has been on your side of it with what you do and why you do it the way you do.

Does it frustrate you when people ask you to prove yourself?

Honest question.

It is often frustrating when we feel as though we are in a never ending cycle of proving ourselves over and over again. It can feel as though we never stop paying our dues.

We all go through it and it often can lead to leaving behind the naysayers to embrace the people who get it and offer us support in a myriad of fashions.


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