The Law of Reflection

Forget the Law of Attraction for a minute.

The Law of Reflection simply stated says the reflections show you what you really look like based on your projection. At no point do you attract anything or anyone. The mirrors are already in place. To change what’s being reflected back at you, one must change what they are projecting.

Think of life as a hall of mirrors.

Each room a creation based on what you are projecting being reflected back at you. Your projected self image is what creates the distortion in what is reflected back to you.

“No that’s not what I meant, said, intended and so on.”

When people speak back telling us what they heard and saw, it’s based on their metaphorical understanding of your words and actions. The reflection always lies because it never has all the information.

To move from one metaphorical room to the next and change the reflections you see, one must change what one is projecting.

This is where I started using what I call the Cinematic View.

Basically think of your life as a movie and the story of your life will always be within the context of your character that is your projection of self.

To allow for changes in your story you must make changes to your character.

For an example I will use myself.

I excel at lecture and writing that involves little to no interaction other than answering some questions and the occasional debate.

Debate is not conversation, it’s a fight.

Often the choice is made to debate a point based on our own experience that has become a part of our over all projection.

I have found that all conflict exists within.

As long as conflict remains we will project it to have it reflected back at us. We debate to justify our ego representation. You know your conflict is alive and well the more upset you get during the debate. The first one to call names loses and here’s why.

The only reason to resort to words designed to discredit the source is to give our ego the ability to remain intact as it is with no changes required.

I would like to take a moment to get deeper into the pool.

Everything and everyone is connected. Nothing can be attracted only reflected.

In the Law of Reflection, you must make changes in your projected self in order to be in tune with the Universe. Your vibrational frequency raises due to a pure more honest expression of you. You stay in the flow that your projection allows.

Hence the Cinematic View. It’s all about context.

When you watch a movie and the characters do or say something that doesn’t match up it throws the story off. When this happens we call it bad film making and talk a lot of shit about the quality of the film.

Typically these films get forgotten or show up winning a Golden Raspberry Award and are never considered for the Academy Award.

In case you don’t know, The Raspberry is for the worst in film.

When I look at my life, I can plainly see where I was surrounded by people who reflected back what I was projecting and as my projection has changed over the years different people popped up to reflect the refined projection back at me. I never attracted them, they were already there waiting for something to reflect back that matched their projection better.

We are all connected.

In the United States Air Force I was a communications technician. I learned how the signal never stops. This also applies to our voice which operates at zero to 4 kilohertz.

The emotion we use when speaking is felt.

Studies have shown that voice tone has more of an affect than the words we choose to use.

Regardless of whether or not the words are heard, they are always felt. This is why you get that feeling about someone you’ve never met. Whether or not you’re aware of it, they have already felt everything you ever said and you have felt their every word.

This is the basis of intuition, it’s based on a feeling.

What you are feeling is what your subconscious stored away until you met this human and now it is relevant information.

Before it was ignored and stored.

“I can’t prove it, but I feel as though you’re lying to me even though we’ve never met.”

We’ve all said it to ourselves at some point and we were most likely correct about feeling lied to. The projection of yourself includes your emotions and your intent beyond what is shown in action or spoken or written.

When we make emotionally based decisions we often do not make wise decisions.

Decisions made purely from logic also are not completely wise.

Wisdom is the balance between the two.

Knowledge is power and wisdom is understanding.

If you don’t understand the knowledge, it is a danger to you and others in your wielding of it.

There is much knowledge in the world today that once understood shows it’s falsehood, however if people do not possess the understanding they can be fooled into thinking the knowledge has value.

I say knowledge not truth.

There is an absolute truth to every single thing, however each truth has infinite expressions.

Every projection of you that is true can be reflected back in infinite forms.

Every projection built on deception will reflect that deception back to you.

You can look around at the people you interact with and start to see the you in them. A version of you that is either future or past. Not a copy a soul having a similar journey.




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