The infinite faces of love

I often say there is but one emotion and it’s love and the others are but it’s infinite faces or something close. I’m always looking for better ways to express myself.

People often recommend books to me. I don’t think I have ever really explained how much reading and studying I have done in my life.

I was born with an intellect that allowed me to read books and not thumb though them as the other kids did.

I read the dictionary.

I read the entire encyclopedia series.

I read every martial arts and eastern philosophy book in the Hooker Oak Elementary school library.

I read mythology books.

I read my moms college text books on astronomy.

I read books on everything.

I read a lot of fantasy fiction.

I read a lot of science fiction.

I’ve seen over 5,000 movies.

I am always looking to get into deep discussions every time I talk to anyone. That’s not new.

In some way, some form or some fashion I am constantly studying everything in the world around me. I am always seeing where I can make changes in me to allow for the life I desire to be here now.

I have talked about the Cinematic View I use. If life was a movie, your story will never go outside the context of your character.

Who you are behind the mask, your true intent behind your life whether you admit it to yourself or anyone else is the life that plays out around you.

To make changes to your story, first make changes to your character.

I hit a point where my capacity for storage is maxed out, no pun intended. I have studied so much, taken so much in, that now my learning is often done in the moment through realization of things only studied and now being understood.

I find if it’s a new process I need to learn I’m able to adapt with no problem as I often find it’s more of an update to something I have already done. Something I have already studied and now here’s the application so that I can understand what I absorbed and why I retained it.

There are somethings I studied as a child and unconsciously applied that I still live.

Bruce Lee spoke of being limitless.

I impose some limits on myself based on the story I want that shapes the character I am becoming. There are experiences I’ve never had that I can pass on thank you.

There are experiences I’ve had, I would very much like to have again. The character I choose to be in the authentic representation of me is what allows the story I desire to take shape and be filled in by The Big U or that improv creative producer out there everywhere.

You are a being of love and limitless.

You have infinite options to choose the form of love you are.

Have fun figuring out what works for you.

If you don’t like your story, make changes in your character.


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