Know your needs

The line between need and want is easy to allow to become a gray fog a mile wide.

Last night as a crowd of young adults got out of a cab, I observed their character in nothing more than a glance.

To prove me right 2 of them ended up coming over and talking to me and what I read in a glance was confirmed.

I read people that fast.

I read your soul energy which is the totality of your emotional self in the moment.

I never get details, I get an emotional imprint of who you are not what you have been through or are going through.

I don’t know you or your life experience however I understand who you are underneath all of it.

It’s what allows me to assist you in creating the true projection that is you underneath the scars of life experience.

The Law Of Reflection says the mirror always lies.

The people around you reflect who you are projecting and you reflect who they are projecting. Neither ever knowing the totality of each other and the experiences that shaped who you are projecting.

The Law of Reflection is based on making the needed changes in you to allow the life you desire to be reflected back at you.

You become your desire.

For a Brother of mine that is becoming something he has been looking for. What that is going to do for his life is going to be an honor and a privilege to be a part of.

With what I do I rarely get to be there as that life you dreamed of unfolds.

The majick that is my life is being able to watch the growth that will open the door to that hall of mirrors. It takes love and pure intent to really be what some one needs versus what they could be for you.

It takes setting aside your wants and at times your own needs. What that looks like is always based on what’s happening and what brought us to this place.

The greatest reward makes an impact and the greatest impact is never made in your life alone.

To reap the greatest reward one must sow with purpose and intent and exercise patience to allow the seed to grow.

We sow our lives with every word we speak whether we like it or not.

Our true intent is always felt regardless of the words we use or the mask we wear.

Every one of us could benefit from having a business manager to assist us in the business of managing our lives.

That person that is not only there for emotional support, they also understand your vision of the life you’re creating in becoming what you desire most.

More like a life manager.

That’s not always going to be someone you are romantic with and at times it’s better it isn’t.

The partner you share your bed with is there to ground you as well as assist you in shining bright.

We all want to have someone to share our bed with and when we find one that brings out who we were too afraid to be we find other people to assist us in being that while we look forward to sleep with the one who inspired it.

We have many partners in our life that we assist as much as they assist us.

What I’ve always needed is what I do for other people.

What I’ve always wanted was someone to do for me what I do.

I’m having it reflected back at me, what I’ve become and the clarity of my projection is why I’m at peace with my life as it’s unfolding though I’m two steps away from hitting the panic button.

Faith isn’t faith until it’s all you’re holding onto.

Faith and belief are two different things.

We want to believe.

We need to have faith in ourselves first and in others as they results come in to build it.

Blind faith can and sometimes is rewarded and usually isn’t as blind as we pretend.

Nothing happens by chance and every circumstance is an opportunity to grow.

I am wise, however I’m not overly educated.

It always seemed to me that the sign of true intellect is not what you have studied, it’s in expressing yourself in a way anyone can understand.

It’s not in making it so complex they rely on you, it’s in making it so simple they don’t need to rely on you.

With every single client my goal is make sure you don’t need me in the fewest sessions possible. I have worked with people for months and some years and some in one session.

It all depends on you and the work you put it into you before we start and the work you do as we work together.

I need clients.

I need a manager.

I want to keep pretending I can do it on my own.

We all want to pretend we are doing it on our own.

I’m done pretending.



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