Artist’s Corner: The Price of Art

Under this category I will be exploring what it takes to create the art we all take for granted as a finished piece.

I will be doing pieces on artist’s who approach me to tell their story of why they do what they do and the art it inspires them to create.

Until you hit me up, I will keep talking about me.

It’s OK to laugh.

The single greatest challenge I have with myself is that unless the pressure is on, I’m all over the place and basically worthless.

When the pressure is on and it’s do or die, I have yet to miss.

I get why I frustrate people, I frustrate me.

However the art that has come out of me in the midst of getting my shit together with a quickness has always been my greatest work.

When I redesigned the operating model for a fortune 100 company it was right after I nearly got fired because I was so bored with my job it showed.

Once the fire was lit under my ass, I did it my way and my way produced the highest performing team with the highest loyalty to me, not to the company.

When it comes to creative endeavors the first fantasy book I still will never finish at this rate I started when I was 22 and married to my first wife. I did more work on it when I was 25 and with a woman who is still someone I would be tempted to go back to someday.

Both women believed in me and wanted to see me finish the book. They were my muses. Over the years anytime I tried to work on that book, I got no where.

Several months ago a woman inspired me to find that world again, however this time I saw it was a world I no longer needed. A world I no longer wanted to retreat to. It’s themes no longer part of the way I live my life.

The Devil’s Children short stories were inspired by the people the characters are loosely based on.

Peace Lords is inspired by every strong woman who ever took me under their wing and taught me to be the man I have always been, however forgot I was.

It’s why most of the characters are women. Science Fiction has had very few true strong female characters that were not also sold as sex objects.

Peace Lords is what I’m doing about it.

There have been stories of what it takes for creative people to find that right frame of mind to have it flow with no effort and produce their best work.

Instead of listing off famous authors and what they did to find that “zone” here’s what this jack ass does.

I roll a spliff.

For those who don’t know, that’s marijuana and tobacco rolled into a cigarette.

I then drink a Rockstar or a Dutch Brothers Double Chocolate Double Mocha.

For some reason this has been producing the best stuff I have been writing since 2009 when I wrote for a website no longer there called The Rusty Lime.

Michael Ott the man who created the site and gave me the first stage to find my blogging legs, hit me up two days ago and we talked about where we are these days and he threw me this webarchive link.

That’s me under the name The Movie Whore on that page from 7 years ago. I had started in late 2007. That’s how long I’ve been blog writing.

While I’m doing this these days, Michael went on to create this tool for blog writers. He calls it Task Rocket. 

It was Michael who had done an interview with a sex worker in Australia that got me to rethinking my ideas on the worlds oldest profession and the therapeutic side to how it can be used.

Who says there isn’t an art to blog writing?

It was also on that blog, based on my writing that I was invited to be a part of a 3 man, including me, production company called Last Rockstar Productions.

It only took us 7 years to get the first one in the can. A film called Catharsis that leaves a lot of room for a lot of improvement. I am listed on that film under the name Jim.

I was born a Jr. When I get the legal change done I am simply adding Max to the front and dropping the Jr. My son has my name only I switched the first and middle name around. I get along with my dad better now than I ever did.

Max is also what my mother wanted to name me. For me both parents are still honored and my son doesn’t have to feel as though there might be something wrong with his name.

Being the Hungarian I am, I get to have my individuality instead of feeling as though my life is only an extension of my fathers. I took a few years to make this decision and understand it from a psychological aspect why I did it.

I have been going by Max for over a year and it fits me much better. I often meet people who have names they go by. Artists in various forms have changed their names for a long time.

Nikki Sixx, Slash, Spider, shall I go on or have I made my point.

I used to do this with film with the same attitude. Ask Pete and Spider.

I also wanna go on record as saying that had it not been for Pete I never would have gotten the chance to insult Spider and then be called out for it by a DJ and when I owned it and admitted my mistake I got free Iron Maiden tickets out of it.

That email from a long time friend helped me see I had come full circle in my journey and now I am looking to add people to this site and this blog and the Theological and Spiritual center as well as looking to add people who want to add their services to be found world wide along with what I do side by side.

OK, who’s next?


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