What is Psychospirilosophy?

Psychospirilosophy is a view that combines Psychology, Spirituality and Philosophy.

It has no book.

It has no rules.

It has no system.

It’s a view used to explore ideas using life experience to provide the results to show the validity of a concept or idea and to determine if it has value in your life.

Anyone of us should understand what we are doing and why from a psychological standpoint. It’s understanding our own behavior that gives us realistic options in making changes if we feel we need to and understanding where this desire to change comes from.

Spiritually speaking we are all spirits wrapped in flesh and have our own connection to whatever it is you feel you need spiritually. Or to say we are not humans who need to be on and endless spiritual quest, we are spirits on a quest to understand what it means to be human and how to enjoy our humanness.

The philosophy is those personal philosophies we each use to guide our own path. It’s the “talk” we tell everyone we walk.

Psychospirilosophy is a tool of self-reflection and turning the mirror inward to remember what you already know as your life experience reveals it to you.

It is a tool to help you understand why the fuck you are doing whatever the fuck it is you’re doing and what the fuck you said that got you to this point in the progressive moment that is the never ending now.

It’s a tool to understand why you choose to be who you are and gives you the realistic options of what to do with and about it depending on what your desired results are. All results will vary based on desire and the simple fact we are all the same but slightly different and just different enough to be unique.


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