The Inner Room

In the inner room 

There is joy and there is gloom

It’s the darkness inside us all

That refines the light that helps us stand tall

It can be a torture chamber of pain and fright

It can be a place of sheer delight

Somethings we seek within 

We feel as though it is a sin

Some things we find in the dark

Give us a bit of a spark

In the inner room of the mind

Is all the things we leave behind

All the things that would dim our lights shine

Set aside until a better time

Some things left alone

Waiting to reap from a seed that was sown

Some lessons learned worth repeating

Some things left alone as it feels like cheating

In the inner room where the walls are all black as night

Do you hide things that would give others a fright

Or is what you hide

What you let go of so you can enjoy the ride

If what you hold in the dark gives you fright

Let go and let it stay out of sight

Somethings you only show to one

The one with whom has you coming undone

That has you doing the wrong thing for the right reasons

The one that makes you notice the changing of the seasons

The one that makes you wish time did not exist

Then their presence would not be missed

In the inner room is where you go to find

The right reason to do the wrong thing from time to time

It’s where you go to refine your light

To remember why you don’t do those things that give you fright

If what you find brings the fire in your heart alive

Then enjoy the dive

If it brings feelings of guilt

Not the things in which life should be built

Only you can choose alone in the dark

The things that give that spark

The fires that become your light

When at peace without a fight

It doesn’t have to be gloom

To visit your inner room

It’s all in what you leave behind

That you go seeking to find


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