Can I get an Amen


My life
My love
My sex
My drug
My lust
My god it ain’t no sin
Can I get it
Can I get an Amen
My grace
My church
My pain
My tears
My hurt
My god, I’ll say it again
Can I get it
Can I get an Amen

I told someone once “whatever you do, do it with love and there is no sin.”

Jesus is known as the Heavenly Taltos. Jesus did not preach Christianity as it has become known.

He preached love.

God exists in everything including us and what if God is still trying to figure out how to do this human thing without judgement of others understanding we all need some visceral experience to teach us what love is.

Sex and lust is the one thing we judge ourselves and other people over the most.

You are the projection of the love you give yourself.

I always wanted someone in life to tell me the only judgement that matters is self judgement, however we also have a responsibility to each other to assist each other when the love we are projecting is hurting ourselves or others.

Only we can decide if what we are doing is sin, God loves us anyway and allows us to learn and grow. However we always deal with the results of our choices in some form or another.

We reap what we sow.

Or to say if want to have random sex with random people you will deal with the consequences in life not because God wants to punish you, because we reap what we sow whether we want to or not.

I often say

The Devil has a fucked up job. His job is to show you everything love isn’t so you can figure out on your own what love is.

Too often people get lost in the idea of morality. Morality leads to judgement.

I have found that pure spirituality isn’t about being celibate, it’s being picky or not and is based on how comfortable you are with what it produces in your life.

Religion and sexual spiritualists have us all turned around and pointing fingers at each other.

I would marry a prostitute.

I thought about becoming one myself.

I would marry a porn star.

I thought becoming one myself.

I was born a Taltos.

I didn’t have much choice in that.

Should a spiritual teacher sell sex?

If it’s not good for the sum…

It’s good for the sum to have people who will work on donation to provide services normally too expensive for most.

No one should be denied.

Financial success in no way reflects whether or not you should be able to get your Chakras aligned or have a Life Coach or a personal trainer.

My legs are in bad shape, here’s why.

My dad has Parkinson’s. He needs a walker and is not far from a wheel chair.

How I take care of him is in using my skills to give him everything I can to keep him out of the wheel chair for as long as I can.

It means my own physical healing has been put aside. My legs are getting to be as bad as his. Part of that is being the physical empath I am. I can’t heal my dad, however I can give everything I do have to keep him up right.

When my dad goes in the chair where my parents live, the home is not set up for wheel chair access of any kind.

The hallway is too narrow.

There are stairs that need ramps built.

This is also where your donations and what I get from the services I provide goes to also.

A fire’s gotta burn
The world is gonna turn
A rain has gotta fall
Fate is gonna call
But I just keep on breathing
Long as my heart is beating

As I’ve been finding my way to doing what I’m doing now I found an old flame to rekindle so to speak.

I have a passion for film.

The last book I read cover to cover is THE SUICIDE FLOWERS by Pete Conrad.

Pete is a brother from the mother ship who has been working his ass off to turn this into a film for about a decade. Pete and I came real close once, however 3 people backed out of a deal of lifetime and this is where I am and Pete is where he is still working his ass off to get this film made and made the right way.

I don’t think I can tell you how often people tell me to read this book or that and I tell them I don’t read.

THE SUICIDE FLOWERS is about a rock star on the downside of his career. He goes home for a concert and to visit a cancer patient in the hospital as a PR stunt.

From their the rock star gets a lesson in what love is.

This film has been a burning passion for Pete and for myself as well as I have never really shut up about it even though for a long time I have not been in a position to much to assist in getting it made.

If I wasn’t a Taltos, I would be a film maker.

Someone’s gotta hate
It’s never gonna change
Gets harder everyday
This is one hell of a place
Keep your heart from freezing
To keep yourself believing

Hater’s hate because they wish it was them doin’ what you’re doin’.

It gets hard to keep that balance of not giving a fuck what these people over here say and allowing for these people over here to fuel the fire that keeps you keepin on.

Life has gotta kill
Faith is gonna blind
Hope is gonna fade
The truth is gonna lie
Sometimes there’s no reason
To justify the meaning

But I won’t run
I’m not ashamed
It’s gonna take more than this for me to break

Metaphorically speaking for their to be a new direction in life to be taken or a new life to give birth to, a life has to die.

Think of it this way, I never could have been the Taltos I am as The Movie Whore.

That’s the name I wrote under for a few years using film to break down the human condition and how we might do it better.

Same man, same thing, different source material.

I thought I had to give up film making to do what I do.

I was wrong.

I will be adding some stuff about THE SUICIDE FLOWERS in the coming weeks.

In the mean time I am going to be as shameless as I can.

If you know anyone in any of these bands who might want to talk shit or give an assist….

Even if they sue me it would help.


My grace
My church
My pain
My tears
My hurt
My god, I’ll say it again
Can I get it?
Can I get an Amen?

In the mean time if you think you might want to check out if what I do can work for you, hit me up and tell me what you want out of life and we will see if I can give you an assist.

If you think you can’t afford it then you aren’t willing to do the work.

If I thought you couldn’t do the work anyway, I wouldn’t work on donation, I’d charge $500 an hour up front.

I needed someone like me once and couldn’t find one and that’s why on the verge of being out on the streets I still do it this way.


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