What connection are you looking for

Give me what I could never ask for
Give me the drug you know I’m after
Connect me and you could be my chemical

Think about it for a minute.

What is it you want but could never ask for?

I have a few things on that list and I understand why each of them is on that list. I use myself as an example to create a connection through understanding. Though the experiences are different the lessons learned are often the same.

What is the drug I’m after?

I self medicate using coffee, dark chocolate almond milk, nicotine and marijuana.

Each a drug.

Each of us has a list of drugs we take and don’t even think twice about because we associate the word “drug” with substances.

TV is a drug.

Facebook is a drug.

Porn is a drug.

Movies are a drug.

Music is a drug.

Anything that causes a chemical change in the brain is a drug and is mind altering.

Sex is a drug.

Exercise is a drug.

Yoga is a drug.

Meditation is a drug.

Prayer is a drug.

Anything that causes a chemical change in the brain is a drug and is mind altering.

Any questions so far?

The drug I use other drugs for, the thing we all chase no matter how we do it is bliss.

Not love, bliss.

We search out for that blissful feeling that makes everything perfect no matter how fucked things might be. When you find that in a conversation, it’s a drug once experienced that is very difficult to let go of.

I’ve noticed people who get that blissful feeling from me often have a hard time letting me go.

For example there is a woman I’ve tried to kick out of my life who still reads all of this stuff. She did not provide that same blissful feeling in return. It was all work to put up with her.

There is no bliss within her so she has none to share and instead looks to feed off the bliss of others. My inner bliss is a connection to the universal consciousness. It’s a sea of never ending bliss that I rarely allow myself to remember I can experience at any time.

Bliss is a drug.

You can’t ask for bliss.

No matter what it is you do, the real drug we are all after is bliss.

I am the bliss for others that I seek for myself. I became what I desire most and find the ability to find it everywhere no matter how bad things might be around me or how other things may seem.

As I become my desire the mirrors of that desire keep popping up to remind me I made it to the room my projection has opened to me.

I have attracted nothing. I have even seen it everywhere I go in who talks to me and who doesn’t. I see it in the conversations we have. It’s why I feel the law of a attractions is a lie and the law of reflections is closer to the actuality of life.

We reap what we sow not what we want.

Our thoughts create our reality not our desires.

Our desires shape what thoughts we allow.

Our thoughts become the words and actions that are reflected back at us.

What is it you want so much that you would become it to have it in your life?

Figure out what that is and you found your purpose in life.

Only you can figure it out for you.


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