A Rock ‘N’ Roll History Lesson: Why Elvis was the King

In the history of Rock ‘N’ Roll in 1959 the down years of rock began that ended in 1964 when The Beatles showed up.

In 1959 Elvis Presley enlisted in the U.S. Army.

A king serves in every way.

If one would not take the protection of the community upon their shoulders then one is not a king in that kingdom.

One lives within the kingdom of kings.

Around the time that Elvis went Army, Jerry Lee Lewis was set to become the new King of Rock ‘N’ Roll. What tripped him up was marrying his 14 year old cousin.

1959 was also the year of The Day the Music Died. The original name for the Don Mclean song we all now call American Pie. The name American Pie in the song was a reference to the name of the plane carrying Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and The Big Bopper. The other 3 rising Kings of Rock.

When I was 13 I took Rock ‘N’ Roll History from Mr Haulterhaus in summer school. I think we can agree it was the best class I ever had for what I am doing with my life.

Thank you sir for the best class I ever actually paid attention in.

However in high school I slept through most of your U.S. History class.

Who am I kidding I think I caught you napping a couple times too.

Anyway back to the history. The Beatles changed Rock ‘N’ Roll more than any other single band ever.

All your taste is in your mouth if you don’t have some Beatles tunes you dig hardcore. There will never be a band that was as big and as important to music history as The Beatles.

Instead of a single king it was  band of bards that saved Rock ‘N’ Roll. They also took this American invention and made it world wide.

Rock now belonged to the world.

Music in every form belongs to the world.

Everything here belongs here and none of us owns a damn thing we are taking when we leave here.

Not even our culture.

Not our history.

Not our present.

Not even our future.

We came here, to do this here.

When we go, we don’t really give a shit about here as much as we would like to think.

It’s impossible to escape the luxury these bards and kings have gone on to live in. They showed off well. I am not judging anyone. I am simply observing what their choices were.

Life is a series of choices that creates the path before you as you go.

It’s never ending path until you no longer have a body. The best die young and live on in legend and history before they have a chance to live the success that is heaped upon them.

The idea of people watching our every move is one that freaks most people out and it should. Would you want millions or billions of people knowing or interested in what you did today?

Most of us like to think we would handle it really well. We lie really well to ourselves because well fuck it sometimes it gets us through a tough situation.

However if we are to be a king or queen in our life and looking to our community as a kingdom full of kings and queens all sharing the responsibility and knowing where they can serve best in being who they are can be a beautiful thing to watch in fluid motion.

Saturday night I had the honor of having several young kings and a few young queens come and pick a card from my soul deck.

I sat in my corner out of the way and watched the show before me. I created a wonderful bond with two brothers and kings in their own right.

I spent time with a young soul who desperately needed it and didn’t even realize it as I let him study everything I was doing.

The one part of the night that will live on as part of my personal Rock ‘N’ Roll history April 23rd 2016 was the performance of a band with no name winging it and bringin’ it from the soul for a few minutes and it was bad ass.

I want to see that band and my other singer Friday night for another show at some point in the evening no matter who is or isn’t watching.

Rock ‘N’ Roll never dies, it simply has a changing of the guard and with bands such as Buckcherry and Halestorm inspiring the next generation, I can safely say long live The Church of Rock ‘N’ Roll and the prophets it produces for all time.

Remember to me going to church is everywhere you can hear the music that speaks to your soul. Our churches may differ however the feeling is something we all share.

Whisper if you feel me.



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