The Lessons of Kings

If you step up looking for a crown
I have to knock you down
The warrior teaches as he was taught
This is how I fought
Leaving all my foes slain
Challenge me again to bring the pain

I will bring it
You’ll see and feel it
Even the masters have hard time
Learning these lessons of mine
I take the time to reach
When I see one I might teach

The masters class that many fail before they begin
Too caught up in glory and sin
Bring your ego and I shred it
Come with too much pride and regret it
The teachers teacher and the guides guide
And I slay the slayers who won’t abide

To get in my door
No need to kiss the floor
Come and look me in the eye
None come to me but to die
Not the mortal death I bring
But to kill the ego with a sting

No matter the mask you wear
I see through it with my stare
For those who make it this far
Time to release your inner star

There is no getting by me
There is no escape
If you found me
This is your fate
It’s already too late

A true king serves the needs of all and is meek

He hides his power unless it’s needed


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