Roses and Relationships

We both lie silently still in the dead of the night
Although we both lie close together we feel miles apart inside
Was it something I said or something I did?
Did my words not come out right?
Though I tried not to hurt you
Though I tried
But I guess that’s why they say

Every rose has its thorn
Just like every night has its dawn
Just like every cowboy sings his sad, sad song
Every rose has its thorn

Yeah it does

I love that this bands name is Poison.

Think of it this way, when our romantic relationships are going down the toilet it feels as like we’ve been poisoned by that which we love most.

We all experience those relationships that end for whatever reason. I have been married 3 times however I have been heart and soul broken 8 times and I am working on 9. I forgot one when I was talking about this last night with a brother.

People grow at different rates and often find they grow apart when one has no interest in growing and the other feels the need from within to grow and continue becoming.

The loneliest feeling there is, is when that which we hold dearest to us as we sleep feels as though they are anywhere else. That our presence once loved is now becoming tolerated in hopes things can go back top the they they used to be.

It hurts to grow a part. It hurts to rip that mating of two souls a part as two grow at different rates that can lead to leaving the bliss behind that once was to allow the rose we are to close as the bloom no longer has that sweet smell.

Instead it’s the thorns that make us bleed as we hold on to the stem of what we once had no need to hold. It bloomed always there for us. It offered it’s scent to us alone.

We hurt ourselves by holding on that which was. The stem was the rose before it ever bloomed. If the rose can not be held gently then it will always cause you to bleed.

I listen to our favorite song playing on the radio
Hear the DJ say love’s a game of easy come and easy go
But I wonder does he know?
Has he ever felt like this?
And I know that you’d be here right now
If I could have let you know somehow
I guess

Though it’s been a while now
I can still feel so much pain
Like a knife that cuts you the wound heals
But the scar, that scar remains

Some songs in my life I have let go of. I let go of them so I can find a new song that inspires that feeling based on who inspires that feeling. I let go of the love not lost, the love whose chapter came to an end so a new chapter can begin.

We have all felt like this at one point in our lives or another if we are doing it right and loving hard. Wearing our hearts on our sleeves and being the fools for love that for some of us has led to wisdom.

I met a new sister last night who wise and fiercely strong. Courageous as they come in my opinion.

I needed a new sister I could relate with though our life experience is vastly different however the ones we have become are the reminder we each need on a occasion that sometimes it’s nice to be noticed for who we are and not what we are showing in the moment.

How the pain truly goes away is two stages.

One is to be at peace at the thought of them.

Two is to thank them for the lessons learned so that you could learn to better love who you are.

To love the rose you are ever becoming.

We all have our scars, I call them my lessons of what to not do again if I am to truly love myself as I would want to be loved by another.


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