There is always an answer

When I find myself in times of trouble
Mother Mary comes to me
And in my hour of darkness
She is standing right in front of me
Speaking words of wisdom, let it be

In my life I often find the ones who guide me through my dark times are women. I think of all of us as having the ability to be a conduit for divine and sacred energy.

I’m a fan of the sacred darkness that accepts all as a mother would her children.

It’s why I love being out at night and will definitely be out for tonight’s full moon hangin’ at Children’s park.

We have a habit of asking The Big U for stuff and then asking over and over again as if we weren’t heard the first time.

It takes time for the Universe to do it’s thing and not upset the natural balance in fulfilling your request. I’ve been waiting to continue a conversation and I don’t ask repeatedly for that opportunity.

I’m attempting to live Karmic Law.

A patient mind reaps the greatest reward and the greatest reward is one that makes an impact.

That next conversation could have a profound impact on my life and the lives of whoever I find myself around afterwards.

And when the broken-hearted people
Living in the world agree
There will be an answer, let it be
For though they may be parted
There is still a chance that they will see
There will be an answer, let it be

For a parent separated from their child, it is heartbreaking. For myself and what I’m doing right now, it’s good for my son to be with his mother.

The time will come when that will change.

And when the night is cloudy
There is still a light that shines on me
Shine on until tomorrow, let it be
I wake up to the sound of music,

The light within is always reflected back.

Remember you are blessed being of light regardless of the darkness around you.

First thing I do most days after I wake up is turn on music. The words and the melody bringing me to life and helping me to remind myself “I woke up today the rest is gravy.”

Today is still the never ending best day of my life as it rolls and unfolds before me. I love my life as it unfolds and keeps getting better slowly but surely. Of course there will always be a stumble here and there. There will be reminder lessons of things I forget in the moment.

I trust the Big U has heard my every request to provide the life I’m living. It’s really difficult to get to the point you can put that in black and white knowing it will be tested.

All I can do is let it be and let it flow and move with the flow. Simply be me and allow all the work I put into myself reap what I have sown, I’m going to anyway, so why worry or allow myself to be impatient?

Whisper words of wisdom, let it be

Do you feel me?



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