The Karma of Love

This song plays heavily into the metaphors I attach to color. Here’s why.

Loving would be easy if your colors were like my dream
Red, gold and green

Poppa Smoke personal color metaphors 101, please feel free to create your own.

I use purple as I associate it with the crown chakra and the enlightened view one gets in using what red means to me by exercising patience.

To me the opposite of patience is wrath.

Love requires patience to find the understanding that allows wisdom to flow from the heart which to me I use green, which is the color associated with the heart chakra. For an Empath our heart chakra is our energy powerhouse.

I also associate green with friendship.

Laughter is healing energy and you always find ways to laugh at and with your friends and often find yourself being the target of the joke.

I tell people “The more you get to know me, the meaner I get.”

What that means is that as we spend time together we learn from each other what can be taken in jest and the laughter is shared versus anyone feeling disrespected.

It takes patience and time to learn each other’s boundaries. While anything can be funny, not every thing is funny in the moment and some things are only funny to us in the moment.

What good is healing if it can’t be shared?

To me it ain’t worth much.

Get what you give.

That brings me to gold. A color I associate with purity. Let the love be pure to be best friends giving each other the patience to learn from each other why you fit together like pieces to a puzzle.

Every day is like survival
You’re my lover not my rival

I play Magic: The Gathering to compete with my friends.

You never compete with a lover.

When they say “All is fair in love and war.”

It’s not a challenge to make a war out of love.

It means when your lover says “It’s not fair what you do for me and I don’t feel like I do enough for you.”

It’s when you both feel as though there is no way I could be this lucky.

It’s not fair with who they are and everything.

Yet still we love each other and desire to have that conversation that never ends, however gets interrupted by life and naps.

It’s not fair to those who don’t have that in life.

All is fair in love and when in love, fuck fair and enjoy what the Big U wanted give you that you could never ask for.

To do that and have that perfectly flawed flawless reflection of the projection you’ve become, Red, Gold and Green meet another color that only lovers share.

Whisper if you feel me.


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