These boots walk over no one

When I go out to do what I do I strap my boots on. The boots I wear I received 24 years ago in June. They’re my basic training combat boots from the Air Force.

I thought about using the song THESE BOOTS ARE MADE FOR WALKING, to tell this tale, however I found the song has no relation to me and my boots.

I walk all over no one and see no reason to ever to do that.

I walk to people and I walk away, to walk all over is to insist the need for vengeance or vindication or a sense of victory.

The victory is when the war within comes to an end and you can walk away because there is nothing to fight or fight for.

I wear my boots to remind me of where I came from.

To remind me that the Air Force taught me integrity.

To remind me to walk my talk.

To remind me to live my integrity.

I am in an entirely new line of service to the people and the land and my boots help me remember that.

Friday night a Brother reminded me who I was and who I have become when he said “Warrior Love”

I replied “I am on the pure love mission but you stay on warrior duty.”

It’s a new role for me. I have a warriors heart and always have. However the time for me came to be nothing more than a teacher and a guide. I am no healer and I am no protector and I am no longer the warrior I was.

I’ll confess I have studied martial arts for decades and I have the ability to rip an attackers throat out based on the warrior I was.  I am not interested and if I could, I would forget everything I know about physical combat, all combat for that matter.

I’m a Hippy with a Rock ‘N’ Roll heart. A man of peace. A man of love, the pure love the world needs more of. I’m not even interested in debate.

My style of fighting for my life these days is to simply say here I am and if you can’t hang with me, walk away, because I am going now where.

I find the people who have a hard time being around me are fighting their own war and I have no desire to be apart of it. Instead I like to help people see how to end that internal conflict as this reflection has no rage to project.

There is a difference between standing your ground and refusing to move and fighting.

Look at Gandhi.

A man of peace who never fought, he stood his ground and refused to be moved. If I am in the home of another you bet your ass I leave if they ask.

However stadnin’ out on the street, I am not going anywhere. I am going back again and again. I found a new favorite Friday night place to hang out and talk to people outside. It upset some people who like to use it as their personal feeding ground.

Feeding off the energy of others. Me I find my presence negates their feeding.

Like it says in HUNGER STRIKE, I won’t feed on the powerless.

Some people have no problem feeding on anyone and the powerless make it easier and sweeter to stalk. There are Empaths who like to feed off your light to fuel their dark desires.

They often make themselves the center of things and show off and draw attention to themselves.

When you watch someone trying to feed all night in this manner it’s pathetic. You see how hollow they are allowing them selves to be the mirror of your light in order to feed on you.

It’s disgusting.

It’s the lowest form of using the gift it is to be an Empath.

It’s inhuman and vampiric in nature. These would be the energy vampires you hear about. Nothing more than Empaths who have decided to feed off the energy of people without giving back.

I stood my ground Friday night and did no fighting. I stood my ground and ruined the feeders feast and I will be around to make sure that one never feeds around me again.

I don’t have to fight, I just have to show up and let it flow.

A Taltos is often their communities early warning system, feeling what’s coming from a mile away giving the community time to prepare. In history a Hungarian King was thought to be Taltos as his early warning prepared the country to fight off would be invaders who thought it was easy pickings.

I wear boots to remind me to live my integrity and walk my talk.


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