Every Road


Feels like I’ve been down every road

Never seem to be able to lighten the load

I found what I was looking for

Waiting for the knock at the door

Since that day

I’ve been livin’ a new way

Takin’ in the sights

Avoiding the fights

Found a stage on the side of the street

Started singin’ and it felt sweet

Was the best part of the night

The rest was a fight

A fight to maintain and go slow

With the singing it was letting go and letting it flow

No players joined us

This trio creating lines around a chorus

There was no one there to watch as we sang away

We didn’t need ’em anyway

All the world is indeed a stage

If they gotta pay to get in you’re performing in a cage

A cage built by a view

A cage built by you

If the music is really inside

Playing indoors is another way to hide

I long for the days long since gone

Where a bard made a living through the evolution of the song

A captured moment of what is all around

Wrapping it in love to make a beautiful sound

The voice is all you need

To let your heart bleed

The tune can get them on their feet to dance

Put’s them in a trance

The words they may ignore

However the seed is still sown in their core

It takes a mix

To give ’em a fix

Let it flow

It will grow

Let the flow find the stage

Forget about the cage

Belt it out unrestrained

Leave ’em all forever changed

We need to fill out the band

Start performing everywhere we stand

Whether it be in the park or on the street

Let’s give a song to all we meet

Never thought I wanted to perform

Now it’s the never ending storm

A fire swirling all around me

Stripping away that which binds me

To sing it out loud

With or without a crowd

I am done with cages

Let’s explore some stages

Get on with the show

Let it flow


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