The Wanderer

Wandering the night
A shadows mask for this light

In that space in between
Where everything can be seen

If my eyes you cannot meet
It’s not you I’m here to greet

Your war within
Sees your life filled with sin

When the battle comes to an end
Is merely where the test begins

Peace is a place to go and escape to find direction
So that you can find the needed reflection

Those who cross my path
May not walk with me if filled with wrath

If it’s there within you needing a release
I sneak up behind you while I’m at peace

With my gaze
I remove the rage haze

It’s the rage
That built your cage

I help you see
It needs not be in thee

I help you find a way
To release it in your own way

Something for you to find
That is always there for you to remind

Why it is you let it go
Or you never enjoy your flow

Wandering the night
Is my life of delight

Being a helping hand
So you know your never alone no matter where you stand

No matter the space that divides
Within us is where the connection resides

The wanderer disappears into the night
Loving all taken in with his sight

Times comes now to take rest
Before the next living test

To see
If I can continue to live my integrity

Have I become the projection of me
For her reflection to see


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