Thank you

I say it and so do you
How do you mean it through and through?

I think of what it means to me
To let these words be aimed at thee

What do I thank you for?
Is it this moment or one before?

I look at my own life as it came to be
To share this moment you and me

I lived the pain of my life, sometimes twice
To be here with you in this life’s slice

A slice of my life I share with you
To give you my inner view

This time together won’t be missed
This is not just another thing to do on the list

Here I share my being
To all that are seeing

Here I bare my soul
To show what makes me whole

In the life you led
You bled and let tears be shed

It is the life you led that brought you here
So that I may expose myself without fear

When I say thank you
I think of your view

He we are sharing this moment as it flows
Knowing you are there inspires this prose

Thank you for the life you led
For all the tears you’ve shed

Thank you for the pain you took
Getting left on the hook

Thank you for the good times and the bad
For all the times you let yourself be sad

Thank you for caring
And for your own sharing

Thank you for being here
Conquering your fear

Thank you for baring your soul
Showing all what makes you whole

I hope you see
What the words “Thank you” mean to me

Thank you for being you for all to see
Thank you for accepting me

Every time these words come out
I mean it like this without a doubt


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