Love Is

What is love?

Love is.

Love is kind in times of sorrow.

Love is courageous when faced with fear.

Love is fierce in defense and protection of the weak.

Love is truth.

Love is patient to understand all views before making a choice.

Love is wise.

Love is unconditional.

Love is family.

Love is humanity.

Love is the manifestation of dreams and of hope and faith in love.

It exists in actions and words that inspire greatness in others.

Love is understanding of the connectedness of all life and how to live harmoniously with that energy of life and love.

Love bows to none and serves all.

This is what love is.

It is the honest expression of all that brings all things to a life that is unified with mind body and spirit.

Unification is what love is.

This unification of self leads to a unification with all.

Love is.

Be love and never be lost again.


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