Do you play one?
Are you one?

Does the story unfold around you?
Do you fold in the story with a limited view?

When you play a part
You play in their art

When character comes through
You see the play from another view

You see the stories intertwine
You see how every character must be allowed to shine

You take center stage for a bit
Then you take your turn to sit

Then you start to grow
You begin to enjoy the show

Whether on the stage or silver screen
You begin to see what I mean

If a rehearsed character is all they see
They may not want to watch thee

But if the character you are presents true
They stay to watch you

Be your character
Play a character

The choice is yours
One opens all the doors

Look within to find who you are
Shine from within to be your own star

Shine the spotlight that you are
See how others respond to your star

When you put that spotlight on another
You find a sister or a brother

Then they turn their spotlight on you
As they stop to watch your show too

Never performing but always showing
The inner you that is eternally glowing

Do you play a character?
Are you your character?

Take the stage my friends
For the play that never ends

May you all shine bright
And never feel stage fright

The audience is waiting
Stop hesitating

Let your true character shine through
Let the audience see the real you

Let your star shine
Yours as bright as mine

His as bright as hers and theirs
Who cares who stares?

Stare at each other in awe
For the brilliant star you just saw

Share the character you were born to be
See who shares the stage with thee

Let the show go on and on
The curtain is long gone

Live your story
Bring your glory


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