All over the world

Something has been bugging me for the last few days and in true fashion, pacing back and forth while smoking helped me figure it out.

This week has been revealing and full of growth however that’s nothing compared to what it has inspired within me.

In Chico right now at the Down Lo, a pool hall/bar, they are putting on a 24/7 concert to break the Guinness book of world records for such an event. OK cool.

A bunch of local artist are getting some exposure and maybe now my hometown will be known for something other than a party school and growing the worlds best weed, no contest.

The last two nights I didn’t even bother going in to see the show and last night I found out why.

Everywhere across this globe are street musicians who never record an album or fill a concert hall, they are too busy performing more days than not for whoever happens to be around.

That also means when it comes to musicians who bitch about what money they make of their recorded stuff, it makes me want to give them the finger with a nice loud “WHO THE FUCK DO THINK YOU ARE!?”

Before we were able to record music, a musician made their living touring and playing. There is no argument to be made for getting paid for a single performance repeatedly other than greed.

That’s all a recording is.

A single performance.

Anybody think you should be paid for doing something once forever?

Does it sound childishly stupid to you?

Does it sound arrogant as can be?

If your making music to make money, stop now.

If you’re making music because you can’t think of anything else you would rather do and you would do it on the sidewalks anywhere you might find yourself for life, never stop.

Rest but don’t quit.

Those are the true musicians of this world and the rest are a bunch of fuckin’ posers.

I am not against making a living making music. I am against making music the industry it has become where there is more bullshit garbage noise than music.

The bands I tend to like are the ones who have played to shows of roommates and friends. They have played in bars they would never go to. They lived together barely surviving.

Metallica talked about eating a bologna on hand sandwich, then I see Lars post a thing talking about pouring some expensive wine and seeing what it’s like to download his album.


For that matter,


The last decent album they recorded that brought something from their souls worth sharing was the Black album. Now their souls are blacker than that album cover. Explains why the music turned to shit.

One time masters of metal who became the machine they were fighting to begin with.

Wherever you are support local music, support street music, the music from the soul being poured out world over because these souls simply want to play.

Rock concerts are great and I’ve been to a few where the energy was as righteous as any church could ever hope to be and makes most churches look like the hollow buildings they really are.

I always say you can attend the Church of Rock ‘N’ Roll anywhere you can hear the music that is coming from the soul to reach in and touch yours.

Whisper if you feel me.


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