Where is your safe place to reveal what’s inside?
Where to go to let out what you hide?
Is it at home?
Is it alone? 

Have you ever shared?
Has anyone ever cared?

Has anyone ever offered to thee
The resting place of sanctuary?

A place to just be
A place for you and for me

Where secrets dance before us
As we live the song and write the chorus

Our lives we don’t compare
But our souls we share

You had your path and I had mine
It is us the paths helped us find

For wherever we are side by side
Our sanctuary comes for the ride

To let the skeletons dance where ever we go
They always put on quite the show

Knowing there is nothing to hide
Here we are side by side

Never again letting fear make us hide
Letting our being shift the tide

As they see
That we move as we

Never off our game
Never acting more than tame

Let them come and see
How two are a we

Then let them ask we
How this all came to be

Let our lives unfold before them
Always starting at the stem

Some tales there to warn
So they may avoid a certain thorn

As we tell our tale true
You see we were just as you

No better and no worse
We just hope you learn from our verse

We tell the tales that caused us pain
When we share we never restrain

We share the joy we find in each day
Teaching others no particular way

But to show them how to be free
How to create their own sanctuary

This is a vision I can see
Of the day you and I become we

As I patiently wait
I dare not hesitate

To find myself true
To be worthy that day to join with you

I see the best I have been
When you start your tales of remembering when

Different lives we have led
But all the same tears we have shed

It was not until I met thee
I knew of this thing called sanctuary

I hold it now with you
As it has become my favorite view

This view I never knew
I already shared with you

When perception is the reality that can make you free
It’s the view that builds your sanctuary

Build my friends
We build for great ends

In a world where you can find acceptance true
Is a world we build by our view

In this world we can build for humanity
A worldwide view that is sanctuary

To love thyself true
Is to love all of you

Try that view to see
In every thought we build sanctuary

You build it for me and I for you
Because I view me as I view you

I accept thee with this view
We aren’t that different me and you

Let those who try to harm or try to charm you
See that they hold no value

Let them see what is built by the we
Who choose to build sanctuary


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