It’s time for change

I heard some kids telling me
How they’ve lost all the faith, in the way
They’ve been talking world peace
And the wars in the streets

It was 27 years ago that Motley Crue first released this song. I remember buying the Dr. Feelgood album on cassette with Jimi Hendrix Are You Experienced. The first two cassettes I ever bought.

This was the last song on the album. I was 15 and I was one of those kids who had lost faith in the way. I find it disturbing that nearly 3 decades later the song is as relevant today as it was in 1989.

Look around at all the violence in the world and so much of it taking place on the streets not between soldiers, between kids with guns and the adults who hold the reigns and keep pumping them full of whatever it takes to keep them fighting whoever they want fought.

Old, tired fools tell our future
With tarot cards, and lie of crime

We hear it and see it all the time, yet we keep going along with it out of fear of the unknown and the easiness of cold comfort. For the most part as long as we can watch TV or goof off online, we really don’t care to do anything that might upset that comfort.

Even when we see it right in front of us and have irrefutable evidence shoved in our faces, we would rather turn the blind eye than actually do something that might upset what is.

I feel the the future
In the hands of our youth
No more lies

I like spending time with younger adults in their early 20’s. I feel the honesty in them and the desire to do something, maybe not knowing what, however feeling the dire need that something has to be done.

It starts with honesty.

Honestly I get along better with people half my age than I do with people my own age. Being a teacher, it’s easier to teach a mind that is not already made up. It is easier to reach a mind that is still open to new possibilities.

A revolution, or reach out
And touch the day
We’re overdue, child

Now it’s time for change
Nothing stays the same
Now it’s time for change

I’m a man of peace. When I speak of revolution I speak of a revolution of ideas with no violence.

If we look at history, violence begets violence. It’s undeniable. Yet still we fight thinking at some point it will achieve peace.

What in the holy blue hell is wrong with us?

It’s time for change. A change in philosophical ideology. A change in allowing religion to be an excuse for hate.

I am a man of God and I can see where religion has done more to bring us to the brink of destroying ourselves more than any other influence.

History is littered with the deaths of millions over whose God is the right one and whose book is the right one.

In my opinion every organized religion should be banned.

I am a man of God and not an atheist and I am not suggesting a new religion by any means. I use Rock ‘N’ Roll.

I talk to more and more people who are against religion and for spirituality. Spirituality is an individual relationship between you and God and does not need a hall or a choir and God doesn’t need or want our money.

Change is inevitable. The options for us is to change our ways or destroy ourselves. Seems pretty simple.

The future is in the hands of our young however we need the old people to get out of the way and step down and let the new blood run free.

In my twenties I got a fortune 100 company to do it my way. At twenty I had the Us Air Force telling me they were going to do it my way after seeing the results.

I am not that special. There are a ton of people in their 20’s that could have mass influence in turning this around if we just get out of their way. Give them guidance, however let them do it their way and see what happens.

Change is inevitable. Change is existence. With out change there is no existence.

Perhaps the greatest impact that can be made in this world can be made by the 20 somethings of the world.

Those who can do, those who can’t teach. I teach.


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