Renewal of life and stuff

As an Empath I can feel the rebirth that is spring. I can feel life coming back to that which lay dormant for the winter. I can feel that urge to get it on and produce more life.

I feel as though we originally came up with the Goddess Ishtar (pronounced Easter) to give us a metaphor to explain this overwhelming feeling of fertile of life all around us as the seasons change.

We have the opportunity to renew or lives every day, however we often wait for occasions such as full moons and the like to give us a structure to transmute ourselves through. We are obsessed with the timing of things.

The simplest way to encourage our own renewing of our life is to simply embrace the following Karmic Law.

Accept what is, let go of what was and make changes for what will be. 

If we are holding on to the past we are not allowing ourselves to move forward and we keep ourselves stuck. We often want everything to change except us. My biggest continuous struggle with my own path is to make changes in me.

When we accept ourselves for who we are we can become complacent. We can become bored and we seek out something to spark life into us again.

Often we seek out the same old vices instead of trying something new and letting our life become something different the moment we make that choice. That choice sets our subconscious into motion for us to do things behind our back in front of our face to create the desire to change our projection to match the reflection of our desire.

Simply wanting it will bring it to you in a way, a form or a fashion, however until we become what is needed to have our desire it will never live up to it and always leave us wanting more.

This is why I do not support the law of attraction, it seeks to be a work around to actually doing the work to become your hearts true desire to turn the reflections around to match your projection.

Think of it as a character in a film. When the character says or does something out of context for that character, we call it bad film making. Life is about becoming the ever evolving, ever changing character that allows for the pursuit of your hearts true desires.

The Cinematic view simply stated says that our character, our projection of self will allow what story unfolds in our life. Who we show ourselves to be is what allows The Big U to manifest the opportunities to take our character on an adventure.

In my research on myself and what a Taltos is, I came across something that explained me to myself however I did not want to readily embrace.

I was a workaholic most of my life. I liked working 70 hours a week and that it gave me the excuse to be recluse. I like my solitude, always have.

A Taltos never asks for anything in exchange for whatever it is we do for you. We take what is offered and if nothing is offered, oh well. Embracing my being in a world that revolves around getting paid, well let’s say it’s not as easy to accept.

We live in a society of compensation for everything. I did something now give me my reward. Sometimes that compensation is in telling people about that thing we did just because we could. We seek to have our ego stroked and have recognition for being us.

In this time of re-birthing maybe we should slow down and think about what our hearts true desire is and what changes to make in ourselves to become to projection that will turn that reflection around.


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