The lessons of the past

A memory that once hurt to think about can become a lesson.

It’s often not easy to see the lesson to be learned through the pain that was endured that is attached to that memory. One must detach emotionally from the memory and look at it from multiple angles and examine the depth of the situation.

We got hurt and we hold onto that emotion to stay shallow in our understanding of that moment. In order to dive into the depth we must let go of emotion and attempt to understand what we see as a result.

Grosse Point Blank put it best.

I say forget about forgiving and just accept.

At times the lesson is to see what we survived, not as a victim, as a survivor who was in a situation and found a way out.

That takes strength and acts of courage for some who survive horrific things and find a way to keep on keepin’ on.

I always say “Forget about the hate and heal the pain.”

Often our anger stems from pain. We use the mask of anger to feel strong. Feeling hurt, feels weak at times. We use anger to feel strong and seek retribution.

Somehow we think this will make the hurt go away or at least now they hurt too.

This kind of thinking will destroy humanity.

Big picture view shows if we are all acting like this, it explains the wars and the clear path we seem to be on to destroy ourselves in the name of whatever is the reason to kill this week.

Forget about the hate and heal the pain.

Whisper if you feel me.


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