Fuel the burn

Been rollin’ on 

And carryin’ on

Taking the shots as they come

Cause I’ll never really be done

Gonna keep livin’

Never stop dreamin’

Taking it way beyond the edge

It’s the only way I know how to live

Now I’m the train rollin’ down the track

Never again looking back

Gotta fire in my soul

Don’t matter if I’m whole

It’s Rock ‘n’ Roll flowing through my veins

That kills the pain

Got no time for romance

Got too fucked up by that dance

Born to wander the earth 

Lived like this since birth

Never content to stay for long

The call from within is way too strong

Gotta keep movin’ down the track

I might come back

It’s the life I love

Guided from above

Every twist and turn

Fuels the burn


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