The end is the beginning in disguise

The end is the beginning in disguise

Have you known me to tell lies

Before it can end one must let go

Before it can begin one must be in the flow

Letting it come from within

In doing this you still might sin

Pick the sins you love best

The ones where you don’t mind dealing with the consequence

It’s your life and your choice

Be careful how you use your voice

Take some time to ask why

Before deciding it’s time to do or die

Let it stew and find a distraction

Instead of going with the first reaction

Why are you in such a hurry to decide

Why not enjoy the ride

Look at all the options the choice provides

If need be consult some guides

When you start the story a new

It helps to have someone guide you

To take the lead and show you around

While you spend some time in the background

Soak it in

It’s always a good place to begin

Let it come from within when you take part

In the surrounding living display of art

Let your performance be true

Let them see the real you

Play the players and not the game

To voiding this beginning going the same

Liquid be your ego as the moment goes

As it flows the character that is you grows

Ever evolving and never set

Always something they’ll never forget

Take you time and enjoy the ride

Swallow your pride

Be meek

Find and do not seek

Be humble

When you stumble

Take your time as you rise

To learn the lesson and become wise

At the end it begins again

Not the same as it was then

Let go 

Be in the flow



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