It’s in the way that you use it

Eric Clapton is a legend in his own time. The first time I heard IT’S IN THE WAY THAT YOU USE IT, I was watching the movie THE COLOR OF MONEY. It was one of Tom Cruise’s earlier films and costarred Paul Newman.

The song fit the films themes well. The song fits life well. Here’s why.

Nobody’s right till somebody’s wrong.
Nobody’s weak till somebody’s strong.
No one gets lucky till luck comes along.
Nobody’s lonely till somebody’s gone.

I don’t watch TV. Instead I get involved with or lead discussions in a group online of over 500,000 people worldwide. I enjoy the exploration of ideas and seeing how many different views come out that are basically saying the same thing in different ways based on how each individual has come to understand it.

I’m odd.

I like that about me. Hungarians are known for their individualistic approach to life and work at being different from the crowd. We cherish the gift of individuality. To be as we choose because we choose.

I’ve found the need to be right often stems from low self esteem. We feel weak and want to feel strong. We feel strong when we are right and they are wrong.

At times we don’t feel our weakness. We hide from it. No one likes to feel weak. It sucks. We will unconsciously look for ways to make ourselves feel strong by being right.

We will fight and argue to the bitter end to try and get rid of this weak feeling by scoring a victory in a verbal sparing with anyone.

We feel weak and want to feel strong.

The difference between being alone and being lonely is choice. I often prefer to be alone. It’s my choice. When someone chooses to leave and chooses to not be around, well, depending on who it is and why, it can leave me feeling lonely.

We all go through it.

It’s in the way that you use it,
It comes and it goes.

And if you lie you will lose it,
Feelings will show.
So don’t you ever abuse it,
Don’t let it go.

Our idea of who we are, our expression of self, our ego can come and go depending on how we use it.

Allowing your projection of self to be anything less then an authentic expression shows the feeling we try to hide under the mask that is our current expression of self.

When you lie you lose who are to be who you fabled yourself to be. We lie when we feel weak and we feel if we don’t, our weakness will show.

There is a fine line between a healthy and unhealthy ego expression. It’s a fine line between confidence and arrogance. On one side of the line is confidence backed by experience of things one has actually done or is actually doing currently. Arrogance is what one thinks one might be able to do with no experience to back it up.

Arrogance is abusing the ego expression and using it to bolster ourselves and feel superior in some way for some reason.

Confidence is simply letting you know what one is capable of based on experience and is only expressing it to be of service.

If you look at your life you will see when your ego comes and goes. When you act from a place of empathy and forgo thinking of yourself first in, your ego goes into hiding until needed.

We hold onto our ego, to the idea of who we are in order to have individuality, however it’s not a license to be an asshole.

Whisper if you feel me.


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