In this there is no boast

I found the mask

It was my task

Not a mask to be worn by me

A mask that was worn by thee

I had to pull back and let you put on the show

As if I didn’t know

Seeing right through you is no joy

I ain’t crazy and this is no ploy

It’s not easy being me

Seeing right through all of thee

It allows me to know what you need

I see what makes you bleed

It allows me to find the words to say

To send on your self healing way

Instead of shining you on to keep you on the line

I hit you with it right between the eyes

With some it takes a few times

Starts to feel as though I’m repeating lines

I’d rather give a verbal hammer shot to the head

Than to see some of you wind up dead

Though I love you all pure and true

I truly like so few of you

The difference is this

Is it work or bliss

If it takes a ton of work

I tend to come off as a jerk

If it’s bliss

You’re the ones I often miss

I like my solitude

I’m really not rude

I forget how much time has gone by

Since I said Yo or you said Hi

With those I am closest too

Know I am still checking in on you

I have my way

Of knowing if you’re OK

Probably why I forget to write

After using my inner sight

I forget how different it is for most

In this there is no boast

Only thanks for the ease 

In which I can alleviate my worries

No need to wait for a call or a text

Reach out for the feeling that tells me what to do next

Often it leads to a conversation

That confirmed my feelings revelation

I forget I’m different than most

In this there is no boast

It’s a gift in the DNA

As Lady Gaga put it Baby I was born this way



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