Intimacy explored through Halestorm

WTF is he kidding?

No I’m not.

I have been a fan of the music of Lizzy Hale and Halestorm since I first heard FREAK LIKE ME a few years ago.  However it is the song LET ME IN YOUR ROOM that touched my soul and showed me a map to follow to intimacy. Here’s why.

There are few songs that are perfect in their ability to be felt and heard with such clarity.  Lizzy and Co. did one hell of a job putting this one together. Let’s take a look at the lyrics and see if we can define why it is that I find this song to be a perfect inspiration to me when it comes to the idea of being truly intimate with a woman.

Let me in your room
I’ve seen the rest of you
But I know there’s something more in your room
I’m right outside your door
Show me things you’ve never shown before

What a request to receive from someone.

Take a moment and think about the things you have never told anyone.

The things you think make you unlovable.

The things you think make you a freak.

If someone loves you enough to ask you to share those things, that is what intimacy is all about.

You can fuck 3 times a day for years and never share an intimate moment with someone. Sex has nothing to with intimacy and anyone telling you different is trying to fuck you, really fuck you.

A few pictures from your past
And those walls you painted black
And the secrets that you keep under your bed
All you have to do is let me in your room

You can be yourself
You don’t have to hide from me, I won’t tell
I know everyone you’ve ever trusted has let you down
And you don’t want to come out
And show me, show me

What we hide within keeps us from truly connecting and experiencing the intimacy of love.

When you have someone you truly love in your life there is nothing from their past that could ever change that love. It can only make it stronger to share and be completely open and honest with each other.

You know every part of me
I let you in, I let you see
All the dark and every color of my room
Let me do that for you
And tell me all about your past
Why you painted those walls black
Baby it’s all right, you’re safe in here with me
Open up so I can see

When was the last time someone made you feel safe and secure?

Who is it that when you are with them, you feel nothing could ever be so horrible that it would make them walk away?

Who saw your demon and loved you anyway?

Intimacy is about sharing those darkest of dark places that are within you and knowing that it’s OK.

The two of you probably have the same demons to let play together when the dark desire of lust takes its form for the fuck of a lifetime versus the slow building passion of love making.

Who is it that is your Madonna (no that one) and your whore wrapped in one?

Who is it that is your knight in shining armor and the man who will fuck you as the devil himself wrapped in one?

You’ll never know until you let them in your room to see all of you, even the dark side and the dark desires you never share.

Intimacy can lead to the best lovemaking you’ll never find any other way and it also opens the doors to every fantasy you never thought you should have.

Before you can get there I would suggest listening to Mz. Hale and taking her advice, let them in your room or its just a fuck and will never live up to the hype.

You’ll be looking for the next one and be just as let down by the sex you thought would be just what you needed to connect.

To truly connect, to truly be intimate is to reveal all your secrets and hold nothing back. Anything less and me personally, I’d rather go to a real whore and pay cash up front than forgo the intimacy that leads to orgasms I still fantasize about on occasion.

Poppa Smoke is your hook up, whisper if you feel me.


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