Find your “Hell Yeah!”

I had what some might consider a torturous childhood when they hear that my mother basically raised me on Neil Diamond. To me, it gave me one of the true lyrical masters of our time to soak in. Here’s why.

If you’re thinking that my life
Is a hoot and a holler
From the start of the day
To the dark of the night
And that its ringin’ like a bell
That you only want to follow
Gotta trust me when I say
I’m just trying to get it right

If you can’t relate to those lyrics, you’re full of shit.

There isn’t a single one of us who isn’t just trying to get it right and right for our life whatever that is. I use Psychospirilosophy to figure that out for myself.

The one thing I tell myself is that if it doesn’t hold true for all than I’m about to start rationalizing like a mother fucker to feel OK about what I’m about to do or have done. I like to step outside myself and think about it as if some one else was telling this story of how they got to be where they are with the current issue they are attempting to either deal with or side step.

People have told me I’m pretty good at giving advice and well it does kind of just go with being a Taltos.

I never discovered wisdom until I starting following my own advice.

The psychospirilosophic view is one that takes the psychological effects on the human and it’s evolving condition into consideration first.

Why am I am feeling this way about what I am thinking about doing or have done?

There are times it’s not easy to know what the right thing to do is and sometimes that can change based on the situation you find yourself in. It’s never the same as what it was that one time or those times.

It’s always different.

I find at times it’s necessary for me to step back and take as long as I need to check myself before I totally fucking nuke myself into oblivion.

Still I think about myself
As a lucky old dreamer
If you’re askin’ me to tell
Is it worth what I paid
You gonna hear me say

Hell yeah it is
And I say it loud
I loved it all
And I’m not too proud
I freed my soul…just let it fly
Hell yeah this crazy life around me
It confuses and confounds me
But it’s all the life I’ve got until I die
Hell yeah it is

When the video clips that are the highlight reel of my life start playing, I’m never that disappointed and often quite entertained by the life I’ve led thus far.

Just last night I was telling a buddy about the time I was in a helicopter and the pilots decided to do their emergency restart training while my ass was strapped into a seat next to no door, just a wide open space.

This training maneuver required the pilot to shut the helicopter off and allow it to free fall like a brick out of the sky with my ass strapped in.

The pilot of course restarted it and got it flying right. Then they did it 3 more times.

If for some reason anyone ever asks me to get into a helicopter again, I’m fairly certain you all understand why I might respond with the words “FUCK THAT NOISE!”

While my life was not always as death defying as that moment, it has never really been boring.

Is it worth it?

Is everything that has happened up until right now been worth it for what right now is and where it is going?

Hell Yeah!

I often say and even threw it on a picture of Poppa Smoke “Pick your Death and Live accordingly.”

Lesson in my personal metaphors.

When I say the word “Live” I attach the meaning “to love life.”

Pick your Death and Love Life accordingly.

Up until a few years ago I lived at maximum speed never slowing down and always looking for the next kick ass memory to be made.

It gave me a lot of experience that aged me quite a bit.

I had lived letting my soul be free and it never mattered what crazy situation I found myself in, I just rolled with it and attempted to do what I felt was the right thing in the moment.

This is the second time in my life I bought a domain name for what I was doing at the time. The first time it led to me becoming a film producer with 2 independent film credits.

With this my goal, the whole reason I’m doing this is this simple. At some point I stopped doing foolish things and had to come to terms with accepting I had become somewhat wise as I was following my own advice and it was working just as well as it did when other people did it too.

Some of us never reach that stage and are the eternal children.

Some of us reach that stage at a young age that robs us of our childhood.

My life is weird as weird gets and realize the metric fuck ton I don’t tell you all compared to the stuff I do that even I admit pegs the weird shitometer.

However I wouldn’t trade my life for anything. I am exactly where I need to be to bring any dream I have to life.

Current dream.

Be the Taltos I am and keep doing this until the day I die.

I hear you wondering out loud
Are you ever gonna make it?
Will you ever work it out?
Will you ever take a chance
And just believe you can?

Hell yeah you will
You’re gonna be okay
And you might get lost
But then you’ll find a way
Don’t go alone
Can’t be afraid
Hell yeah
This life is here and it’s made for livin’
And love’s a gift that’s made for givin’
You give it all away and have it still
And Hell yeah you will

I think about the work I do with Life Designs and it’s purpose to teach people how to design their life to create the path to their dreams. There are times when we need someone who believes in us to be in our corner and motivate us to keep on keepin’ on and find the changes to make in the character to change the story.

I also think about the students I’ve had over the last few years. It’s bittersweet when they no longer need my guidance. It means we rarely if ever speak again.

Each and everyone of them are amazing human beings.

Each and everyone of them is missed.

Part my dedication to my life is to live love.

I give love freely.

Pure love not romantic love and no I don’t go around sleeping with women. Pure love, the kind of love that sees the soul and might notice the nifty flesh suit wrapped around it.

I give it away all day and I have an over abundance of pure love in my life.

The wealthiest man I know is me.

 I’ve been living in a bowl
With a lot of people staring
With my feet on shaky ground
And my head up in the sky
But it’s where I want to be
It’s a life that’s made for caring
Got a song to pass the day
And a girl to share the night

So if they ask you when I’m gone
Was it everything he wanted?
When he had to travel on
Did he know he’d be missed?
You can tell them this

Hell yeah he did!
He saw it all
He walked the line
Never had to crawl
He cried a bit
But not for long
Hell yeah
He found the life that he was after
Filled it up with love and laughter
Finally got it right
And made it fit
Hell yeah he did!

I would rather have a woman to share the night with.

However, after 3 divorces, I’m in no hurry to make it 4 even though I am a monogamy addict. I think the 3 marriages prove that.

The death I picked out.

To have spent years with one woman, my 4th and final wife. To live love to the extent that we are able to transcend the body and simply ascend in one last physical expression of our unity in the flesh when we have had enough and are ready to go back to where ever it is we came from.

Call me crazy, I’ve heard it before.

I’m an Empath, I always feel when I’m missed and by whom, whether I want to or not.

In a weird way life has been exactly everything I ever wanted, just not the way I might have wanted it.

Embracing being Taltos made everything else drop into place to finally feel as though my life fit me. It unlocked the door to the room of my true reflections. No longer is it distorted what I see in thee that is also me.

It’s a nice room of mirrors to be in, however to get here you have to be truly you from the core.

Only you can discover who that is.

Only you can show it to the rest of us.

Only you can get it right for you.

You can make it too.

Whisper if you feel me


One thought on “Find your “Hell Yeah!”

  1. Thanks Max great article and song. As I have gotten older looking back at my life wondering if I would be better off if I would have made some different choices I use think yes but recently I have realised it’s a resounding no. I have always pushed the limits even when I have done stupid shit. Just trying to see what I am made of. A life full of self destructive bevaior traveling down some pretty dark alleys bringing myself so close to death I could taste it and often thought of choosing death. One day I finally decided I wanted to live and love. I have many scars because of the life I have lived both physical and emotional but would I change anything, no because it has made me who I am and after all these years I am finally finding my “Hell Yeah”. Yes I want to Live to Love.

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