Turn the Mirror Inward

It’s in inner reflection
I find true direction

Letting the light that bounces back at me
Be the light that is deep within me

Guiding myself through my own inner dark
Trusting my own light, my inner spark

Anything here I find
I put there to remind

To be a lesson in time of need
Maybe a reminder as to why my heart will forever bleed

It’s the inner journey into the torture chamber of the mind
Easy to get lost if you don’t know what you came to find

The dark is no place to play
It’s no place for a lost light to stay

Even those who wander make their way to the other side
On that day is a change in their ride

It’s in inner reflection
I find my true direction

Wander through my own dark
By the light of my own spark

Is there something left undiscovered and forgotten
Will what I find harden me or soften

I never feared the dark
And what was revealed by the light of my own spark

It’s when I turn the mirror in
Is how I see how the next chapter will begin

Each step taken with love
Never needing a shove

Walking one path of clear direction
Found during inner reflection

Some think enlightened means at peace
They have missed the point and it’s you they’re trying to fleece

Peace is a place if inner reflection
To find one’s true direction

It is emotion
That sets and keeps things in motion

If peace is all you desire
You have no inner fire

It’s that inner spark
At the center of your inner dark

That fans the flames of passion
That move you to action

To be and stay at peace is to be still
And give up the desire and the thrill

The thrill of the highs and the sweetness of the lows
It’s just how life goes

Your never got hurt if you didn’t care at all
It’s how much you loved that is the height of the fall

Turn the mirror inward to find true direction
No matter what you see is your own reflection

There to remind
There for you alone to find

In your time of need
Or to remind why your heart will ever bleed


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