The Stalker Song

Sting on many occasions has questioned the mental health of people who think EVERY BREATH YOU TAKE is a romantic song as he himself, you know, the guy who wrote the song, has gone on record as saying it is a stalker song. I never understood how anybody wouldn’t see it and here’s why.

Every breath you take
Every move you make
Every bond you break
Every step you take
I’ll be watching you

Question to the audience.

How do you not associate this with stalking some one?

Sting said he wrote the song while still obsessed with an ex-wife. He admits publicly he was talking about stalking her and being totally obsessed.

Every single day
Every word you say
Every game you play
Every night you stay
I’ll be watching you

I’m still confused how any one missed the “I’m stalking you” message in these lyrics.

O can’t you see
You belong to me

I hear these words are used in evidence for restraining orders.

 Since you’ve gone I been lost without a trace
I dream at night I can only see your face
I look around but it’s you I can’t replace
I feel so cold and I long for your embrace
I keep crying baby, baby please

How people miss this as broken heart obsession has me baffled.

Sting has said he’s disturbed by the fact that people are known to play this song at their weddings.

I understand why.

I hope you got a laugh you might have needed to start the week off with some joy.


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