Be the me that is we

IN THE MEANTIME by Space Hog is about the we as much as the you and me.

When I do Soul Readings I channel your higher self and the me becomes the we. It has given me and interesting view to see the world through the eyes of so many over the years.

It has also given me as much appreciation for the we as I have for the me and the you.  It’s being able to this that has me saying 1 and makes 3, you, me and the we.

Think about the relationships in your life. Does your projection change based on the nature of the relationship?

The ego steps back and becomes what will get us through this situation or in essence we cease to be the me and become the we.

This song gives me the reminder of how much more gets done for the sum by the we than the me could ever do. Here’s why.

And in the end we shall achieve in time, the thing we call divine
When all the stars will smile for me
Then all is well and well is all for all, and forever after
Maybe in the meantime wait and see . . .

We shall achieve.

Well is all for all.

Enough said.

We love the all, the all of you
Our lands are green, and sky is blue
When all in all, we’re just like you
We love the all you

Human is human and I don’t care if you’re male, female, hetro, homo, trans, undecided, young, old, and I really don’t give a shit about the pigmentation of your skin, human is human.

I don’t care about religion or what this god or that god or this prophet or this holy fucker over there said.

Human is human.

We are all human and any other label pass that point is egocentric identification to create our individuality and really doesn’t makes us any better or any worse than anyone else.

Human is human.

And when I cry for me I cry for you, with tears of holy joy
For all the days you’ve still to come
And did I ever say I’d never play, or fly towards the sun
Maybe in the meantime somethings missing

We all cry for the same reasons.

No one had tougher than anyone else.

Emotional pain is not a competition sport.

We overcome ourselves more than we overcome anything else and the first one to start with a “What about this person over here…..”

Fuck off and find something better to do with your time.

Human is human.

Sure there are people who do some extraordinary things, however every human is capable of the same thing, doing something extraordinary.

We give our ability to do this away every time we let it be me and you and not the we we can be.

We love the all, the all of you

Find the we in the me and find the way to create better future days.

Whisper if you feel me.


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