Rock ‘N’ Roll Karma

It’s because of the true events I’m about to tell you that I’m a true believer in Rock ‘N’ Roll Karma.

Several years ago I went on a trip to Los Angeles and while I was there I got to have dinner with Micheal “Spider” Cummings of the band Powerman 5000.

We were outside the Troubador and I’d mentioned I am from Chico, California.

Spider got animated as he said “I’ve this great story about the night I almost died in Chico.”

I started smiling almost immediately as I had a feeling I knew where this story was going before he even started.


“I was outside the Senator after one of our shows and this guy comes walking up to me with his hand in his coat” Spider was moving around and really trying to sell it.  As he did a charades dance to tell the story he said the guy said this as he approached with his hand in coat. “Hey Spider! Hey Spider! I got something for ya!”

Spider continued his physical telling of the story. “I was backing up like this and thinking Oh God I’m about to get shot and then when he pulls out his hand you know what he had?”

I didn’t even think as the words came out. “A pipe and a lighter.”

“How’d you know?”

“You were in Chico dumb ass, what else would he be doing?”

Needless to say the rest of the weekend if Spider was around he was a dick to me and I deserved it. Here’s why.

A few years after this trip I was driving cab in Chico. I picked up a local Rock Radio DJ who uses the name Meat Wad. I was telling him the story and all of he sudden he looked at me and said “You stupid mother fucker!”

“What the fuck do you mean?”

He then pointed at a tattoo on his arm that was a remembrance of Dime Bag Darrell who was shot on stage.

“Damn Meat Wad, you’re right, I owe Spider an apology.” It was all I could say.

He was right.

Even though Spider was setting me up for a joke and I saw the punchline coming from a mile away, his life does have that element of danger to it.

Instead of paying me for the cab ride, Meat Wad gave me lawn seats worth $70 to see Iron Maiden at the Concord Pavilion for Father’s Day that year. I’d been a fan since 91 but had never seen them in concert.

On the day of the show I borrowed my dads little two seater truck. As we pulled into the venue, I had my 3rd my wife with me, we kept getting waived along for parking. As we pulled into VIP parking we remembered my dads truck had handicap plates so we got free VIP parking and we got to go in the back VIP entrance.

The only thing I had to pay for that day was gas, food,weed, and a T-Shirt. Tickets and parking were free.

Talk all the shit you want about Karma not being a real thing.

I have seen it up close and personal and I’m a true believer in Rock ‘N’ Roll Karma and if you can’t hang with that, go away.

Whisper if you feel me.


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