The endless hunger of want

To explain the title let me give my interpretation of the metaphor known as the Djinn.

Better known as the mythological Genie of the lamp, the Djinn is often depicted as evil.

It was Barbara Eden in I DREAM OF JEANNIE that I first started to question what would it be like to be Genie.

Over the years I read a lot about the mythology of the Djinn. I also exposed my self to many pop culture representations of the Djinn, everything from a Disney cartoon to a horror film and even an episode of THE X-FILES.

It was THE X-FILES that first had me realize the tortured existence of what a Djinn would live if the legend is true. The wishes never come out like you think and for this we see the Djinn as evil.

The first thing every one of us thought when we first heard about getting wishes, was to wish for more wishes.

How fucked up is that?

The endless hunger of want.

We automatically key in on having our every desire filled instantly.

It was ALADDIN that examined the idea of using one of those wishes to set the Djinn free.

I though about it for a long time.

Put yourself in the shoes of this mythological creature. People wish for stuff they think will make their life complete. People wish to give up the idea of working for anything and just having it magically given to them.

I started to think why do I want to make a wish and why would I want that wish.

Then I started to think about being the guy granting the wishes.

The way you say it and the words you choose leave a lot open to interpretation.

In THE X-FILES when Mulder wishes for world peace, the Djinn shows him the world at peace and there are no human beings. Simply wipe us off the face of the planet and world peace is achieved.

I have heard the Devil is in the details. I started thinking about how to be as detailed as possible in creating a perfect wish.

The best I could come up with is to wish to be cured of the endless hunger of want yet still be alive and be able to enjoy life and for whoever or whatever is granting this wish to be able to say no or at least help guide the wishers to better wishes.

Is it the perfect wish?

For me it is as I see the Djinn as a captive of their own existence.

They have no free will to say no.

They are your slave.

There free will means nothing.

Sounds like a tortured existence to me.

I figured I could understand a being such of this, should it actually exist, being a bit grumpy and not feeling too bad about screwing with those who make ignorant wishes.

I am not saying I think it’s a good idea, I just get how it could happen if was to be real.

The endless hunger of want is what the Djinn feeds and maybe feeds on as well. Maybe our desires brought this myth to life to satisfy our unquenchable desire for more.

Perhaps the Djinn is such an evil prick about it as a way of trying to get us to be content with less and want less and enjoy what we have more.

Whisper if you feel me.


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