Let it go

Let it go
Let it flow

Feel it move on its own
Reap now what you have sown

Let it stir and bring the storm
To be an artist there is no norm

Let lightning strikes and the rains pour down
Let the winds howl through town

Let it all rage
Just to find the wisdom of the sage

When peace and calm returns
Tell the tales of when the fire burns

Remember the ride
The ever shifting tide

A valley to every peak
Living ain’t for the weak

There is no time left to change this fate
Be glad its born from love not hate

It’s always rough at the start
For every new work of art

Each day a sculpture left in time
Living art living outside the lines

The roller coaster ride has begun
It may not always seem fun

This is your ride
This is your tide

Reap what you sow
Always be ready to go


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