Don’t Damn Me

DON’T DAMN ME by Guns ‘n’ Roses is the first song on the playlist simply titled “ME.” Here’s why.

Don’t damn me
When I speak a piece of my mind
‘Cause silence isn’t golden
When I’m holding it inside
‘Cause I’ve been where I have been
An I’ve seen what I have seen
I put the pen to the paper
‘Cause it’s all a part of me

Be it a song or casual conversation
To hold my tongue speaks
Of quiet reservations
Your words once heard
They can place you in a faction
My words may disturb
But at least there’s a reaction

Experience is the greatest teacher there is. We like to share our experiences with each other to show what we’ve learned. We also shape our opinions based on our experience.

How often do you remain silent simply because you figure the person or people you’re around will probably give you some shit?

We start doing this in grammar school and continue through middle school/junior high and on through high school and throughout life. Try and deny it all you want however think about the last time you held your tongue and why.

We often seek to validate ourselves through sharing our experiences and our views with other people in hopes of finding someone else who sees that way too. When we find an opposing view we often too quickly damn people for thinking the way the way do.

Some people say if you have nothing nice to say don’t say a word.

Fuck that noise. I say if have nothing nice to say, make damn sure it’s true. Here’s why.

The temporary sting of the truth hurts less and is over rather quickly where as the suffering of deceit even in lies of omission is cruel.

I often think about the words I know will disturb when I am posting a status update on any particular topic and sometimes find myself in debate with someone who I pissed off.

Honestly I just told all of you that most of you still behave as children no matter how old you are. I am self aware and realize that might hit a nerve, at least it’s a reaction and it means there must be some truth to my words.

Sometimes I wanna kill
Sometimes I wanna die
Sometimes I wanna destroy
Sometimes I wanna cry
Sometimes I could get even
Sometimes I could give up
Sometimes I could give
Sometimes I never give a fuck

No shit really, me too. Who hasn’t lived this list?

It’s only for a while
I hope you understand
I never wanted this to happen
Didn’t want to be a man
So I hid inside my world
I took what I could find
I cried when I was lonely
I fell down when I was blind

No one ever really wants to grow up.

To grow up and become a man or a woman is put aside childish things and take responsibility for your actions and words.

For me to become a man, I became a father.

I look back at my life and at 25 I was with a woman who was 10 years older than me and she had 3 teenagers. I stepped up and into the role of stepdad. At 25 I took it very seriously. To this day when I run into that woman’s sister, she still tells me I was the best thing that happened to her sister and her kids.

If you want to know what it really means to man up, it means to step and be a father even if the kids aren’t yours. That wasn’t the only time I took on that role and I do have a son of my own.

In life we often find ourselves locked into our own world trying to figure it out and find some way to do something about it. In life there will be tears on occasion, we’re human. In life we will stumble and fall. It’s unavoidable.

Life moves forward, never in reverse and there is no pause button and we get no do overs.

How can I ever satisfy you
An how can I ever make you see
That deep inside we’re all somebody
An it don’t matter who you wanna be
But now I gotta smile
I hope you comprehend
For this man can say it happened
‘Cause this child has been
So I stepped into your world
I kicked you in the mind
An I’m the only witness
To the nature of my crime

I take a lot of shit for being very honest about being a Taltos and what that means.

It means as an Empath, I know what you’re feeling regardless of what you say or try to show.

As a Telepath I can see into your subconscious mind.

As a Medium there are things without bodies that use my mouth to speak on occasion.

In all honesty, I simply to share my experience to show my understanding, since I started being public and honest about those things above 4 years ago, I lost everything including a marriage. Just the historical facts of my life.

I also spent those 4 years working with many Empaths and teaching them how to better manage the gift to make it less of a curse.

I’m proud of the work I’ve done to help other people simply because I was there and so were they and I just happened to be able to give them what they needed.

There are times in conversations that we miss what someone may have said at the conscious level, however the idea still gets planted and has time to grow.

But look at what we’ve done
To the innocent and young
Whoa listen to who’s talking
‘Cause we’re not the only ones
The trash collected by the eyes
And dumped into the brain
Said it tears into our
conscious thoughts
You tell me who’s to blame

Look at kids these days carrying smartphones and looking down and not looking at each other or talking to each other.

Look at what we teach our young through our example.

Even if you don’t have kids, they see you and want to be like you. It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to be a role model, to any child any adult they see is a role model and you don’t get to choose, they do.

Monkey see,monkey do. What do the monkeys see you doing?

I know you don’t wanna hear me cryin’
An I know you don’t wanna hear me deny
That your satisfaction lies in your ILLUSIONS
But your delusions are yours and not mine
We take for granted we know the whole story
We judge a book by its cover
And read what we want
Between selected lines

I have seen these people who insist the meaning of life is to be happy. Do you have any idea the state of total fuckin’ delusion it takes to be continuously happy?

I do, I tried it and my response is fuck that noise. Life is messy and you are not always going to be happy. Get the fuck over it.

How often do you dig deeper into any issue before runnin’ at the mouth about what you think?

How often to you only pay attention to that which reinforces your view and ignore that which might give you pause?

Don’t hail me
An don’t idolize the ink
Or I’ve failed in my intentions
Can you find the missing link
Your only validation is living your own life

Vicarious existence is a fucking waste of time
So I send this song to the offended
I said what I meant and I’ve never pretended
As so many others do intending just to please
If I damned your point of view
Could you turn the other cheek

No one deserves to be elevated above any other for any reason.

No one else is living your life.

No one else is there when it’s you all alone.

No one knows what you know about you and why you do the things you do. So fuck anyone off who can’t take you being you, doin’ it your way because it works for you.

I realize it’s probably difficult to accept a Shaman who says fuck as much as I do, doin’ it my way anyway.

Poppa Smoke is The Rock ‘n’ Roll Shaman and as George Thorogood once said “Rock is supposed to be dirty.”

The true difference between debate and argument is this. In debate you can listen to someone damn your point of view to hell and back and instead of getting pissed off, you find the counter point to their every point. It really is that simple, not easy by an infinite shot, however quite simple.

But don’t damn me
When I speak a piece of my mind
‘Cause silence isn’t golden
When I’m holding it inside
‘Cause I’ve been where I have been
An I’ve seen what I have seen
I put the pen to the paper
‘Cause it’s all a part of me
Don’t damn me
I said don’t damn me
I said don’t hail me
Don’t damn me

This song is one I have been listening to for so long that the lyrics have become a part of how I view the world, though I would choose different words to describe my view.

Find your view in your words that makes sense to you and fuck ’em if that can’t hang with it.

Poppa Smoke is your hook up, whisper if you feel me.


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