Life is beautiful even at SIXX: AM

Nikki Six is a prolific songwriter as the main writing force in Motley Crue for over 3 decades. As Motley wraps up their career, Nikki isn’t done and SIXX: AM is his new band. When he wrote his autobiography called THE HEROINE DIARIES, well of course he wrote and recorded an album to go with it.

I remember the first time I heard LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL. I heard the road map to life in Nikki’s words. I listen to the song at least once a day. Here’s why.

You can’t quit until you try
You can’t live until you die
You can’t learn to tell the truth
Until you learn to lie

Perfect lyrics filled with absolute irrefutable truth. It takes wisdom to understand the truth of these words. Nikki Sixx is the kind of cat who lives it before he ever puts the pen to paper.

Some would say how could live after dying?

Ever kill your ego?

It’s a metaphorical death of self that leads to greater understanding of who you truly are and what your options are to do something with it.

As the Shaman I am, I had to go through the process of totally destroying my ego and reconstructing it. It’s taken about 4 years and this blog is the result.

I’m a spiritual guide and teacher and it is something that I never wanted to be. I was born a Taltos which comes from Hungarian history and is a genetically born Shaman. The me I had become before I learned this about myself 4 years ago, was not happy to learn this.

To become who I am, I had to kill who I was so to speak. Your ego is the definition of your projected self or to say the idea of you. You can kill that and bring it back to life as many times as it takes to finally bring forth the true you from within. Until you do that, you don’t live, you survive life.

I know some things that you don’t
I’ve done things that you won’t

I’ve noticed something over the years. When someone says I know things you don’t, people tend to get defensive automatically. Here’s why.

You challenge their ego and everything they might hold sacred and dear. To most people the idea of learning something that changes everything is a scary thought. We like to have what we think to be the truth to never be altered because it is part of what gives us comfort in life.

It is our source of strength to an extent, this view that may or may not be totally out of whack with what actually is. The only way to know the truth of any one thing is to detach from it and view it with out bias.

Some say that’s impossible. I have done things that you won’t such as destroying my ego removing all attachment from all things.

The cruelest thing we do as human beings to each other, is to insist that since we ourselves can’t do it or haven’t done it then neither can anyone else. We throw up walls and cast insults on those who can do what we can’t instead of accepting it. We do this out of fear of being inferior.

None is any better than any other. It doesn’t matter what anyone is capable of, they are no better and should never be elevated above the rest. When you do this to a human you inflate their ego and give them the potential to become narcissistic or develop a God complex.

This why I call physicians by name. It’s why I refuse to use any title when addressing anyone. The work you chose to put into your life to become what you are does not require the rest of us to treat you any better than anyone else.

It disgusts me the way our society treats celebrity as demi gods.

I dig Nikki’s music, however he’s also a dad and I would be willing to bet that being a husband and a father has become a bigger part of who Nikki is compared to who he was before that first child was born.

I have watched masses of people quote celebrities as scripture bearing prophets. I don’t see musicians as prophets. They are people with a gift for teaching through experience and then singing about it.

In days long gone it was the Bard and the Minstrel who traveled from town to town to share their tales through story and song to teach and entertain the people.

The modern day Bards have become our rock gods and goddesses and we do this to them unfairly. They are just as human as we are.

 Just open your eyes
And see that life is beautiful.
Will you swear on your life,
That no one will cry at my funeral?

Speaking for myself, looking back at my life, at my funeral there won’t be a dry eye in the house. Some say that is an arrogant fuckin statement. I say talk to people who’ve known me over the years and ask them if it’s true.

How do you feel about your own funeral?

It’s the life you lead and how beautiful you try to make it for those around you that will determine how many eyes are dry and how many let a river of tears come forth because of the hole now left in those lives.

That life is work, it doesn’t just happen, it’s created through the living example of you that you allow yourself to be.

Poppa Smoke is your hook up, whisper if you feel me.


2 thoughts on “Life is beautiful even at SIXX: AM

  1. Such a powerful, articulate and honest post! Certainly puts life and people into perspective, and I like the part about not elevating some people above the rest, thereby ‘inflating their ego and giving them the potential to become narcissistic or develop a God complex.’ That perfectly describes a certain leader we’re all dealing with right now.

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