Rock ‘n’ Roll, it comes from the soul

Rock ‘n’ Roll comes from the soul
You write it cause you lived that role

It comes from deep inside
Where others may hide

But for you and I
We know it’s do or die

We live fast and burn hot
We live like it’s our only shot

We did it because we could
Not because we are no good

We are the best when being bad
Which explains the times we had

It takes a sinners life
One that has seen some strife

To make a song live on forever in your heart
That’s living your life as art

To make the sacrifice and live through pain
Knowing you would do it again and again just the same

You see what it gave you
This live life at full speed view

You see how it saved you from a life as a drone
No matter how may times you were left all alone

We danced with the Devil by every kind of light
We beat him fair and square in the darkness of the night

We are the saviors who went through hell to find the lost
It was we who sent you back when our paths crossed

We only met that one time when you needed to hear
The words from a stranger to show you your path clear

That mysterious guy or gal who was their then gone
But those wise words in your head live on

Maybe you get to know us for a while
Those people who used to make you smile

Then one day we were gone
Even though we live on

On to the next in need
To plant another seed

We remember thee just as sweet
And maybe again we’ll meet

Those who wander are not lost in the dark
We are their to give you back your spark

We look like the demons and live that way too
Only revealing our true nature to you

We came by to send you back out of hell
Now that you have been here a spell

We show up not too long after a wish or a prayer
It sometimes feels like being the non character player

We live at full speed
Always their to serve a need

We only realize as we look back in time
How many we helped back across the line

Then back into the depths we dove again
To find those who are not forsaken

You gotta go through it to get to it
I don’t make the rule, I just live it

Go through hell to get to heaven is how it’s done
We bring them out one by one

You never knew we were here until now
Because we didn’t know we were doing it that’s how

It’s just who we are
Not trying to be a star

After doing it so many times
Our light is too bright as it shines

No longer can we wander
Often we sit and wonder

We look back at the ones we set straight
We look and see we never once got there too late

We come forward for all to see
We the evolution of humanity

It’s you we hear calling when we can’t explain that meeting
You’re the voice in our head we are happy to finally be greeting

We our the next step of our species to reach our full potential
It’s been happening over the generations sequential

We live fast and we burn hot
And our location is always the spot

That’s the life so many have had
Being at their best when their being bad

Always telling stories
Of all their former glories

When you are along for the ride
You set aside your pride

You listen for a strange reason
You find us able to keep you even

You can’t explain that feeling when we are there
You can’t explain how it is you feel how much we care

Even though our stories may shock you
It’s just because we live the Rock view

Think of where the name Rock ‘n’ Roll came from
Then you’ll start to understand us some

But when you look back when you didn’t know where to turn
We were all there and what got us there is the way we burn

You don’t think of us often but when you do
We go back to that time with you

Some of you I have met
Some maybe just not yet

You have met some one like me
Maybe even two or three

Maybe it’s you who is waking to see
That maybe you are just like me

We are human without a doubt
No need to freak out

It’s in the genetics through and through
Evolution in our DNA I am telling you

Though what we do seems like majick
I can think of things much more tragic

I bet you got some art in you
From living life from your view

It may not be Rock ‘n’ Roll
But we all know it will come from your soul

If it’s not coming from there
You are a just poser square

For those who live life free
Art just springs up around thee

It’s how we live our life day to day
No we are not insane

We like producing some results again and again
It usually leads to helping a friend

We carry a never ending spark
We who wander in the dark

If you want to Rock
No need to knock

Come on in and enjoy the show
When you’re ready to leave just get up and go

Make room for the next crowd coming in
It’s the living Rock show that never comes to an end

God gave Rock ‘n’ Roll to us to give another guide
Of how to find the wisdom we each have inside

For those who live the songs we love
We know Rock came from above

It saved our lives one day
We saw you living the same way

We hoped you’d learn from our life
So you could avoid our strife

We lived it
To steer you from it

Just the lives we led by the choices we made
Our tales of doing what was forbade

Some do it with lyrics and sing out loud
Some like me do with it prose and do it proud

But it’s in our soul
To live fast and never grow old

Max speed and max power
Ready for the show at any hour

If our star ever begins to fade with age
It’s so others can take the stage

We only hope you won’t forget
All those years we were rocking it

Call us classics and it makes us smile
That shows we did it with style

When you think of us as you look back
We hope to be in that good memory stack


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