How to raise your vibration, the simple truth

In the fewest words possible.

Embrace life with unconditional love.

What does that mean?

When one loves without conditions one gives love selflessly to all one encounters.

Love has many faces and fear is the dark mirror of love.

Love is a fierce defender that will rage in defense of the weak and the long suffering.

Love mourns and loves the sweetness for the mourning knowing it would’t have hurt so much had so much joy not been achieved.

Love is patient to seek understanding and passes no judgement.

Love is merciful and will be quick with the brutal truth to end the long suffering of deceit.

Love knows no deception and will call it out every time love is met by it.

Love cannot turn a blind eye to suffering and do nothing about it.

Love is a friend to all and seeks to reveal the connection already there.

Love is considerate and thinks before love speaks or acts.

Love is honesty in all things.

Love is not always nice and can be down right vicious in the face of deception.

Love forgets we have an identity/ego and a life to think about protecting and acts selflessly.

This is unconditional love.

If you are going to love unconditionally you don’t think about the venue or your career or making a living in what you do and say. You do it because you love everyone and set your intent to be of best benefit to the sum letting love guide your wisdom.

This is the simplest way in the simplest metaphors that I can explian this concept. This is the simplest way I have found in all my surfing of the Universal Consciousness and all my years of studying religious text and philosophy followed by thousands of discussions on the subject.

What strikes me as curious is why anyone would want to debate it?

The only thing that bounces back when I put that out through the Universal Consciousness is this.


Fear that it is true and one will look at one’s life and begin to judge oneself and will attempt to blame the author rather than deal with one’s guilt.

Fear that one will see the suffering that one has inflicted in life on other ones.

Fear that one will lose one’s status.

Fear that one will lose one’s possessions.

Fear that one will be injured emotionally and/or physically.

Fear that one is unforgivable.

Fear that one will standout.

Fear that one is incapable of such love.

Fear keeps one’s vibration low and causes one to inflict harm on oneself and other one’s with a list of excuses as to why.

Fear will cause one to look for fault in everything one sees so that one never has to show unconditional love.

I am sure this could be a much longer piece and in the comments I am happy to get deep into this discussion as I always have been for 42 years and counting.